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Making Money is a Terry Pratchett novel in the Discworld series, first published in the UK on 20 September 2007. It is the second novel featuring Moist von Lipwig, and involves the Ankh-Morpork mint and specifically the introduction of paper money to the city. The novel won the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 2008, and was nominated for the Nebula Award the same year.
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  • 215: Simplify Your Business and Make More Money Blogging

    … masterminds proved this year that that was the case. As I said before, we saw people taking action at the masterminds who were making money at a higher rate and it paid for them to really attend those masterminds. I know masterminds are going to be a part of what we offer going forward. In fact, if anything, I think we’ll expand them from one-day…

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  • Supplementing Primary Income With Spread Betting

    … When it comes to secondary income and side hustles, spread betting usually isn’t part of the conversation. Most people haven’t even heard of spread betting, many of those who have don’t know what it is, and people who have an idea may be skeptical about it. Only experienced spread bettors know what this investment form really is, and how to create…

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  • What Will You Sell if You Give Away Your Best Blog Content for Free?

    … to individual posts and can include charts, worksheets, lists, etc. All of this involves a lot of work and, more to the point, a lot of information. It takes time to research and put together and is no small feat. So, at the end, is there really anything valuable left to sell? Putting it all together at the making money stage It’s really important…

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  • Don’t Put Ads on Your Blog

    … regularly hear from people who want to know how to get more AdSense clicks, or where to find advertisers to pay them for a prime piece of website real estate. In my experience, this is one of the worst ways to make money online. Today’s post will take a look at why ads are not the best way to make an income from your blog, and what alternatives…

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  • 185: How to Get a Blogging Job

    …, to create great content, engage with that audience and hopefully make some money from your blog as well. You can learn more about ProBlogger and all we do over at Just look at the menu at the top and you’ll find all of the different things I’ve just mentioned. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about finding a job as a blogger…

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  • 184: 2 Blog Monetization Strategies that Have Increased My Blogs Earnings by over 40%

    … arriving on the site would see that something was happening as well. That probably helped quite a bit as well. But definitely making a short launch worked well. The other type of launch that we’ve done since, we did this a couple of weeks ago now, was an affiliate launch. This launch went for five days. It was even shorter again. Five-day launch…

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  • Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

    … With only one more episode left until the end of 2016, I’ve been discussing ways to make more money in 2017. In this week’s episode of The Startup Hero Podcast I talk about Making Money With Affiliate Marketing. As we’ve been covering here on the blog, we’re re-launching our affiliate program here at NameHero in […] The post Making Money With Affiliate Marketing appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • PB171: How I Doubled My Blogging Income and Had My Most Profitable Month Ever

    … to episode 171 of the ProBlogger podcast. My name is Darren Rowse, and I’m the blogger, founder of – a blog, podcast, event, job board and series of eBooks all designed to help you as a blogger grow your audience, to create content that helps that audience, and to make money from that blog – to build a profitable blog. That’s what…

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  • Debunked: What Tech Do You Really Need to Run an Online Business?

    … for making money, or whether you’ve been tricked by a clever advert that doesn’t perhaps have your best interests at heart. The tech/equipment you need to run an online business The following is a list of tech that I use ranked with some level of importance, timing and upgrade-ability. Remember, these days “equipment” does not just refer to physical items…

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  • Turn Your Blog Into a Business: A Legal Perspective

    … Are you ready to turn your blog into a business? You can use it to sell digital products, engage in affiliate marketing, or reach out to potential clients. Learn to use the law to your advantage when you monetize your blog. Accidentally Being in Business You might be tempted to ignore the legal stuff when you first start out. You’re not making…

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  • Efficient Ways To Make Passive Income On the Web

    … understanding of the PPC phenomenon, and this is the beginning of you making money! Use SEO To Boost Your Traffic After your site is up and you have your basic PPC advertising in place, the next step to making passive income is to use SEO best practices within your content itself. This is a bit of a moving target these days, but your best bets are to put out…

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