Managing Members

  • Goodbye Threads: How should you handle them on your forum?

    Have you ever seen goodbye threads posted on a message forum? Have goodbye threads ever been posted on your message forum before? Goodbye threads are topics that members post when they plan on leaving your message forum for good. These goodbye threads are often posted because of some form of forum drama that is or had occurred on your community.

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  • Forum Suicide Threats: Should you take them seriously?

    … serious because they are still some form of threat to commit suicide. In my experience, I recall some members of forums actually completing suicide so not every threat is fake like some people may come to assume or imagine. Forum suicide threats should be treated as serious as forum death threats. Special attention for you is often required for any…

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  • Forum Ban Privacy: How private should member banning be?

    … member and just might assume they became inactive on your forum. There is a drawback however, if a member asks about that member – you should never lie about it to them because that can ruin your message forum and your online reputation in your niche market. The No Forum Ban Privacy Approach Some forum owners will suggest you go with no forum ban…

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  • Deleting Member Accounts: Do you have to do it?

    … Do you ever have issues with the deleting member accounts subject on your forum? You know – those forum members who demand that you delete their account and maybe even their posts as well? In the nearly two decades that I have been running forums, I don’t have enough fingers, toes and extremities to count the number of times that I had…

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  • Banning Popular Forum Members from Your Community

    … What do you think about banning popular forum members from your community? Let’s face it, not everyone on your forum will always turn out to be the most well behaved member on the forum. You might have to eventually ban members from your forum and maybe even banning popular forum members from your community as well. Banning popular forum…

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  • Negative Forum Members Might Destroy Your Forum

    … Negative Forum Members Might Destroy Your Forum by Shawn Gossman | Dec 5, 2014 | Forum Management, Managing Members | Have you ever witnessed negative forum members on an online community? Have you ever had any negative forum members on your own community? I know I have in my forum experience and you probably have as well. Negative forum…

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  • Award Member Loyalty: Keeping your forum members active!

    Have you ever wondered how you can award member loyalty on your message forum? You should award member loyalty because that will likely result in your loyal forum members staying loyal to you and your forum for many years to come. You see examples of how a company would award member loyalty with the credit card industry.

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  • Message Forum Trolls who Keep Coming Back

    … Returning message forum trolls – you might have experienced them. I know I have, many times and now I have the perfect formula for dealing with them. But first, if you are new to message forum trolls and you don’t what they are, let’s break it down for you to understand. Message forum trolls are forum members who have one goal in mind on your…

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  • Forum Member Demands: Don’t hate them – embrace them!

    … and on your favorite social bookmarking and social media websites as well. There is a set of social sharing buttons below where you can easily share this post – please consider using them as your support helps to encourage me to write more articles for this blog. Your turn to comment! Do you go out of your way to meet forum member demands on your community? What if you could just not meet a specific demand, how would you respond to the forum members demanding it? Creative Commons Image Credit: pbump …

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  • 5 Unique Forum Promotion Tactics to Get Members Active

    … 5 Unique Forum Promotion Tactics to Get Members Active Posted by Shawn in Increase Membership, Managing Members Unique Forum Promotion – Does it exist in these modern times? I believe that unique forum promotion does exists, in fact, I think a lot of message forum owners are left out of the loop with it comes to using unique forum promotion…

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  • Forum Customer Service: Do you have what it takes?

    … Forum customer service is just as important as customer service for a product or service at a business. Sure, most forum members are not going to be paying for anything but they are still customers of your community which is often seen as a business. Forum customer service is an important component to running a successful message forum community…

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  • Stopping Forum Spam before it Burns You Out

    … is before they spam your forum really helps out a lot in stopping forum spam before your members can even see it on the forum. This should always be an objective because a lot of times, too much spam on your forum can result in the spam pushing members away from your forum. Stopping Forum Spam Tip #3: The almost unbeatable anti-spam tactic…

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  • Forum Launch in 10 Days: Management Styling

    … a leader does! Are you a team player? Leadership isn’t about being in charge or directing a group of forum staff – it is about working with one and other as a team and coordinating team effort. Management Styling Explained There are many different types of forum management styling categories to choose from. While I will only be going over a few…

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  • Forum Member Contributions: Leave the answering of questions to your members!

    … If you’ve noticed at all, on this blog I talk and preach a lot about shaping and developing yourself as a forum niche expert and authority. It’s important to know about your niche and show your members that you know about it as well. However, you got to be careful about how you do this! You don’t want to come off as a Mr. Know-It-All and get…

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