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  • Forum Suicide Threats: Should you take them seriously?

    … Have you witnessed forum suicide threats online before? Forum suicide threats are nothing new, there are many forum owners online who have experienced or witnessed forum suicide threats on their own forum and on other forums, you yourself may have even dealt with forum suicide threats before. Nonetheless, forum suicide threats are still…

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  • Child Forum Moderators: Should you hire underage staff?

    … Have you ever had child forum moderators on your message forum? Child forum moderators would be official forum staff members on your forum that are under the legal age to be considered a legal adult. Many message forums online hire child forum moderators on their forum but some forum owners will not hire child forum moderators for the simple…

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  • Active Forum Staff Members Guide for Active Owners

    … Do you have active forum staff members on your online community? Or do you lack active forum staff members and you want to know how to encourage them to participate? Having active forum staff members should be considered a selfish act. You created your forum to be an active forum, right? So of course you want active forum staff members…

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  • Need a Full Time VA at an Affordable Price?

    … business. Apart from hiring a freelancer from Odesk or Elance but its annoying to go through interviews on there. Well how about if you had your own Virtual Assistant that could work on all the techie things you need but hate doing? Well now you can… Introducing Virtual Helper 247 With Virtual Helper 247 you can get Fast, Reliable Virtual Assistants…

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  • 5 Tactics to Keeping Your Forum Moderators Active on Your Forum

    … Forum moderators are sometimes just as important as forum members when it comes to keeping your forum active and full of new content. Forum moderators are obviously duty with enforcing the forum rules, banning spammers, dealing with problem members and giving support to members when they request it. However, that isn’t their only duties…

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  • Forum Launch in 10 Days: Management Styling

    … a leader does! Are you a team player? Leadership isn’t about being in charge or directing a group of forum staff – it is about working with one and other as a team and coordinating team effort. Management Styling Explained There are many different types of forum management styling categories to choose from. While I will only be going over a few…

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