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  • Forum Suicide Threats: Should you take them seriously?

    … serious because they are still some form of threat to commit suicide. In my experience, I recall some members of forums actually completing suicide so not every threat is fake like some people may come to assume or imagine. Forum suicide threats should be treated as serious as forum death threats. Special attention for you is often required for any…

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  • Child Forum Moderators: Should you hire underage staff?

    … it with other forum owners and on your favorite social networking sites. Your Turn to Post About Child Forum Moderators, Now! How do you feel about employing child forum moderators on your online community? Would you or have you had child forum moderators on your message forum? What age do you comfortably require when hiring new forum staff members on your community? Creative Commons Image Credit: waldopepper The post Child Forum Moderators: Should you hire underage staff? appeared first on Your Forum Blog. …

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  • Need a Full Time VA at an Affordable Price?

    … 0Reactions Need a Full Time VA at an Affordable Price? Having an online business can cost you so much unnecessary time and money. All the bits and pieces add up. And when ideas start flowing more and more things are needed. The worst thing is there isn’t many options out there when it comes to hiring and managing staff for your online…

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  • 5 Tactics to Keeping Your Forum Moderators Active on Your Forum

    … on a message forum and many forum owner fail to realize this. Forum moderators are leaders of your online community and remember what they say about leaders? Follow the leader! Your followers (the forum members) will often follow your leaders (the forum staff members), thus is why it is important that forum moderators remain active on your message forum…

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  • Forum Launch in 10 Days: Management Styling

    … a leader does! Are you a team player? Leadership isn’t about being in charge or directing a group of forum staff – it is about working with one and other as a team and coordinating team effort. Management Styling Explained There are many different types of forum management styling categories to choose from. While I will only be going over a few…

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