• What Technology Has Been Eliminated with Smartphones?

    … We’re coming up on the 10th birthday of the iPhone, launched June 29th, 2007. Like any convincing psychopath, smartphones are able to put on a likable front. They are friendly, helpful and seem like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the while they are sadistic killers who smother alarm clocks in their sleep and make sure your GPS system is never…

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  • MapQuest Tackling More Location Data and Services Under Verizon Ownership

    … As a veteran player in digital mapping, MapQuest has amassed a vast amount of location data over the years. Elise Neel, the head of MapQuest for business, says the company has evolved to meet not only the needs of marketers and other clients, but the demands of its owners. Verizon acquired MapQuest’s parent, AOL, in 2015 — and with that change…

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  • The tech that will help you tower above the competition

    … Rio Tinto uses it. MasterCard uses it too. So does REIWA, the UN and Deloitte. It’s a technology that has been around for decades but has dramatically advanced in usability in just a few short years. We’re talking about mapping technology. And before you think it’s not needed at your organisation, let’s dig a little deeper. It’s a service…

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