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    • Crossing the influence line: When does sponsorship destroy your reputation?

      A comment, a question, and a blog post all came together last week to make me ponder this question: When does an “influencer” become a “salesperson,” and is there a difference? Can a social media influencer cross a line become an ad … instead of a thought leader? Let’s unpack those questions today.

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    • Research shows we may be at the end of the startup era

      By Mark Schaefer About a year ago, I wrote a blog post that went against the grain. At a time when everybody was ga-ga over Snapchat I predicted that Facebook would eventually dismantle them. I wrote: Snapchat has no meaningful intellectual property. There is nothing really stopping Facebook (or the apps they own like Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp) from copying anything they do.

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    • Content marketing success and the crappy quality myth

      By Mark Schaefer Here is the ultimate sign that some people are drinking too much of the content marketing Kool-Aid. A Facebook post like this: “The problem with content marketing isn’t that there’s too much content, it’s that there is too much crappy content.” I see this sentiment expressed ALL THE TIME and frankly it just aggravates me off when people assume that when com ...

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  • The path to content success: Crushing self doubt

    By Mark Schaefer By any measure, Antonio Centeno is a success and an inspiration. He has a multi-million-dollar business. A beautiful family. More than a million followers on YouTube. That’s why it was so surprising to me to learn that at times he feels like a fraud. Antonio Centeno I met this amazing man while working on my book KNOWN: The handbook for building and unlea ...

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  • Creating content? When is it time to pivot (or quit?)

    … By Mark Schaefer I recently had a conversation with pioneering blogger Chris Brogan and he mentioned that he had ended his latest podcast series and had begun a new one. “I just thought it was time to create something new,” he said. This seems like such a simple idea, and yet it set my wheels spinning. Creating content means building equity…

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  • Social media never forgets. How YouTube killed the circus

    … and returned to my school work, friends, and baseball practice. Everybody did. What could you do? Write a letter? But 10 years ago, a social media movement started that would not let us forget. A surreptitious video showing heavy-handed tactics against the elephants went viral and fueled an online campaign that dampened enthusiasm for the circus…

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  • How to select a common topic for a blog (or video or podcast)

    … more fun. But you’ll never get to experience that if you don’t take that first step and begin! Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker, college educator, and business consultant…

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  • How to build a truly actionable social media audience

    … of positioning, consistency, quality, SEO, social media, engagement, analytics, and more. But most of all, it takes patience to build a truly actionable audience, not merely a bunch of social media followers. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital…

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  • Why screenshots may be the key to influence marketing measurement

    … marketing is mainstream marketing today. The influencer is the power on the web today. No question. As you would expect, there was also a lot of discussion on influence marketing measurement and one keynote session in particular blew me away with an idea that is so simple and yet so powerful: screenshots. Screenshots as influence marketing measurement…

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  • Blogging Grit: Do You Have Enough To Succeed?

    … months (or 2.5 years) to become known in your field according to Known author, Mark Schaefer. To see these 2 blogging trends in action on your blog, check your blog’s Google analytics. Two examples highlight the power of long-term blogging grit: The Everywhereist Geraldine DeRuiter’s husband, Moz’s Rand Fishkin used its Google Analytics to underscore…

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  • New research reveals Americans migrating to three social media platforms

    … By Mark Schaefer Is social media turning into a three-horse race? New research by Edison indicates that Americans are starting to migrate to three big social media platforms, while usage and preference is flattening out on secondary platforms. In this scintillating, 99th episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster reveals a study 2o years…

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  • Stop creating Random Acts of Content

    … sustainable interest — determining what you want you to be known for. Although this is a book focused on personal branding, it really applies to ALL branding. What is your aim? If you create content for two years, what is the desired end result? If you determine that, then you should be on a mission, and every single thing you do should add to that mission…

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  • Why 30 may be the most important number of your career

    … that still persist at every public company that has to answer to shareholders. And that is why this number — 30 — is so hard to deal with. The magic of 30 In the process of writing my book KNOWN: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age, I interviewed nearly 100 people who are known in their fields. Naturally, I…

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  • Mark Cuban, the first trillionaire and chatbots on the edge

    … early days. The technology is the hurdle right now. Also, the cost of creating an effective chatbot is relatively high. The big brands may have to build an app in Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. although some of the back-end programming and logic might be reusable. The potential is to make automated assistants the most empathetic, service-oriented…

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  • Drones, Bots and AI oh my. SXSW highlights

    … By Mark Schaefer Each year I look forward to attending the annual SXSW conference to push my brain in some new directions. This is my eighth SXSW and to me, this is the most exciting place in the world featuring all the coolest breakthrough thinkers in media, publishing, technology, and marketing convening in one big Austin Texas madhouse…

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  • Adjusting to the new sales strategies with Anthony Iannarino

    … of becoming known. Today, I’m highlighting Anthony Iannarino, an author, speaker, and consultant who specializes in modern sales strategy. Like many people in my book, Anthony overcame severe personal obstacles to become known — in his case, a surgery that removed part of his brain! Let’s hear how his personal authority evolved on the web: Mark…

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  • The language of business: What you’re selling may be not be what they’re buying

    … Sometimes I get concerned when my friends get caught in the social media bubble and start to lose touch with the language of real business. In this short video, I give some advice that might help you make progress with your internal and external customers: Sometimes what we’re selling is not necessarily what they’re buying! If you can’t view…

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  • How to ruin your content by overthinking things

    … of acting on your ideas and thoughts can become a breakthrough for you. Other people may think it … be the one who writes it. 2. Be unsure of yourself I would over-think things because I wanted to NAIL IT! I wanted to be right and I wanted to be epic. Let’s be honest. How often can you be epic? Sounds exhausting to me. Some of my best blog posts have been…

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