• Micro-Influencers: Inside Dirt Astute Marketers Don’t Know

    … the percentages for mobile ad blockers are lower, there are significantly more mobile users. As a result, expect ad-blockers to increase for mobile formats. US Ad Blocker Software Is Mainly On Desktops – eMarketer Data Chart Here are 3 ad-blocker work-arounds: Invest in Facebook ads. Their desktop ads get around ad blockers. Create quality, non-promotional…

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  • 3 Ways to Spark Successful Relationships With Micro-Influencers

    … in 2017. I’m talking about the use of micro-influencers within influencer marketing. Earlier this year, Markerly introduced a data study showcasing why micro-influencers are so valuable and why brands should seriously consider utilizing “regular folks” with dedicated social followings to promote their products instead of mega-celebrities that cost…

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  • Influencer Marketing in 2017 to Evolve into Brand/Agency-Owned Networks

    …. They understand that celebrities are a wasted expense, that influencers are not exclusive, that influencer networks are very limited in their potential reach since they rely on “in-network” influencers that have signed up for all of the influencer networks and that marketplaces hose them on the influencer prices, often at four to 10 times the cost. That’s…

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  • Do Sponsored Content Disclosures Affect Engagement?

    … Sponsored content proves to be a useful tool for brands looking to engage followers by integrating their products into the flow of daily content from social media influencers. Recent talks about stricter enforcement of the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines–which require influencers to identify posts for which they’ve received compensation…

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