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  • 2016 Small Business Social Media Trends Trump Understood

    … Small Business Social Media Research: Do You Measure Up? Were you paying attention to the 2016 small business social media trends? Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign was. (Note: This is not a political article!) Small businesses were the early social media champions. With David-like agility, they tapped into social media’s distribution…

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  • 2017 B2B Content Marketing Research Analyzed

    … necessarily translate to quality leads or sales. (Michael Brenner’s The Content Formula is helpful for accomplishing this. Check his author interview. ) 80% of 2017 B2B Content Research respondents believe their organization will focus on lead generation in the next year. 57% of respondents measure lead quality; only 34% feel this metric truly measures…

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  • US Daily Media Consumption (Charts)

    …. US daily media consumption – 2 different sources The major Nielsen and eMarketer differences are: Non-digital TV. Nielsen estimates an hour more of non-digital tv viewing. It consists of extra half-hour of traditional television viewing and another half-hour of time shifted television. Non-digital radio. Nielsen’s data is about 20 minutes higher…

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  • 2016 Social Media Marketing Platforms: 5 Key Trends

    Top 2016 Social Media Marketing Platforms [Research] If you’re like most of the people in the world, you visit at least one social media marketing platform at least once a month. I know that’s not a news flash. But what do you do if you’re a marketer? You can’t just engage on social media like an individual. (BTW, here’s the data on how people use social media via Global Web Index.

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  • 2016 Social Media Marketing Benefits

    … Media Examiner’s 2016 Marketing Research, the Top 10 Social Media Marketing Benefits are: 89% Increased exposure 75% Increased traffic 68% Developed loyal fans 66% Provided marketplace insight 66% Generated leads 58% Improved search rankings 55% Grew business partnerships 54% Established thought leadership 51% Improved sales 50% reduced marketing…

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  • 2016 Small Business Social Media Use: 5 Trends

    …, include product information, demonstrate how to use and style the product, show ratings & reviews and answer their questions, Having driven millions of dollars of sales via blogs, Marcus Sheridan recommends 5 types of customer content. Answer how much will your product cost. Give a range, not specifics. (Here’s the $2 million case study.) Explain…

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  • 3 B2B Customer-Vendor Disconnects You Can Fix

    … difficult. Therefore, price is one of their considerations but it’s not the top one. I get this. When I was at The Economist, I tried to find lower priced market research vendors. Since their price wasn’t sufficiently cheaper, I chose the Tiffany brand that other Economist marketers used. It made my life easier. B2B clients want to work…

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  • 2016 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Marketer Needs

    … its time. 73% of people always have their mobile device with them (October 2015 Facebook research). People pick up their mobile devices 150 to 200 times a day. Result: Almost 30 billion US mobile moments per day total. (Forrester) Mobile sessions average 1 minute 10 seconds or 177 minutes per day. (2014 Google data) Before you integrate…

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  • Customer Advertising Preferences For 2016

    … How Customers Feel About Your Advertising (Research) As marketer you invest in advertising to achieve goals such as extending your brand, expanding your audience, and increasing leads. Yet, do you know what your target audience’s advertising preferences are? Even more important, do you know if your audiences wants to communicate with your…

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  • 5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Marketing Measurable

    … Marketing Challenges-Research Chart Customers are savvy. They don’t like to be marketed to. Instead, they use tap into their networks using search and social media to get the purchase information they need. But an alluring social media deal can still attract their attention. While social media can be critical to the buyer decision process, it often…

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  • Millennials Outnumber Boomers: The Meaning For Marketers

    …, millennials see themselves as different from their parents. 69% of millennials crave adventure. Millennials count their worth in terms of experiences. 25% of millennials are parents according to Millennial Marketing Research. BTW, here are 30 millennial demographic insights with charts. How to market to millennials Barkley research uncovered…

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