• The Marketer Vs. Publisher Side of Lead Generation: Know Where Your Leads are From

    … It’s 2016 and everyone seems to be selling lead generation. Marketers have the “luxury” of owning the strategy and execution of demand generation programs, with the constant pressure of ROI and sales satisfaction. The selection of demand generation strategies, partners, and vendors requires marketers to be very well educated in all aspects…

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  • Tools Don’t Make The Marketer

    … We put a significant proposal in front of a prospect that was going to build their search team. The plan incorporated us both managing their clients and training their internal team to become proficient at organic search. We provided our complete site audit, a 50+ page document that incorporated a ton of hands-on training with our analysts…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 11 readers -
  • How to Create an Email Newsletter

    How to Create an Email Newsletter Creating an email newsletter can be one of the most effective things you can do as an affiliate marketer to grow your email list. Watch the video be ... 5 readers -
  • How to Make Money With email Marketing From Day 1

    … How to Make Money With email Marketing From Day 1 Hey Jon here with another high value Blog post for you today. In today’s Blog post, you are about to discover why most people fail with email marketing and autoresponders. My thinking is once you know what you’re doing wrong, you’ll be able to put it right and make it work. So, just follow…

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  • How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

    … cost products may do part of the job but quite often do not always provide the solutions that a person may need to reach their objective in the manner and the timescale they are looking for. You Must Believe In the Product You Are Selling. Some people look at the affiliate marketing business model as a way to make a quick buck online as quickly…

    whoisjonleuty.comin Affiliate How To's- 28 readers -
  • The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Success in 2015

    … 2015 is here which means marketers are reflecting on past successes and contemplating what the new year will bring. Digital channels grew by leaps and bounds in 2014, with global advertising spend increasing 16.7 percent and surpassing 25 percent of all media spending for the first time. This trend will continue in 2015 with global spend…

    Laurie Cutts/ Acceleration Partners- 11 readers -
  • The perfect customer the mysterious creature!

    The perfect customer the mysterious creature! Most marketer and I’m not just talking about newbie marketers even experienced marketers rarely know what their perfect customer looks like and how they can attract the perfect customer. They market to everybody what means they don’t really market to anybody. And that’s the point you must know your customer.

    Marco Moeschter/ Marco Moeschterin Facebook- 3 readers -
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