Marketing is "the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. " For business to consumer marketing it is "the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships, in order to capture value from customers in return". For business to business marketing it is creating value, solutions, and relationships either short term or long term with a company or brand. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments.
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    • Consulting firms muscle in on media planning in transparency fallout

      Management consultancies are turning the trust problem between advertisers and their media agencies into an opportunity to muscle in on the number of budgets increasingly prioritizing planning over buying. There’s growing unease about the lack of transparency in media. As a result, management consultancies see a bigger role for themselves in helping marketers spend their money.

      Digiday- 27 readers -
    • Heineken prioritizes mass reach over hypertargeting on Google and Facebook

      Heineken is shifting dollars from TV to Google and Facebook as the digital platforms become the new preferred way to reach mass audiences. The brewer is rethinking the role of platforms long touted for their ability to deliver highly personalized messages. Digital (especially Google and Facebook) is a mass medium for Heineken, and as such, it’s increasingly using them to reach ...

      Digidayin Social Google- 25 readers -
    • The rise of self-service in ad tech

      As media buyers are calling for more transparency, ad tech seems to be moving toward a self-service model for media spend. Self-service allows media buyers to have their own bidding tool and manage their own data in-house. The most recent ad tech acquisitions show self-service is progressing well in the industry, at least from a consolidation perspective.

      Yuyu Chen/ Digiday- 28 readers -
  • 5 Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs to Follow on Facebook

    … a page and start creating content and messages for your audience to see. With all of that being said, here are five internet marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that you should be following through Facebook today. One of the most amazing things about the online marketing and affiliate industry is a number of people that have had great success…

    ShoeMoneyin Social- 6 readers -
  • Why Location Measurement and Attribution Are Key to Brand Visibility

    …, they need attribution. This is the next stage.” For several years, marketing executives have used analytics to measure marketing campaign returns. Now, brands don’t just want their names in front of people – they want and they need measurable data about who sees their ads, how did they see them, how long did they look at them, and where was the ad…

    Street Fightin Google Facebook- 17 readers -
  • Chupa Chups on demystifying the smoke and mirrors around influencers

    … Candy maker Chupa Chups is easing itself into an influencer economy that some industry observers believe is about to buckle under the weight of its own contradictions. The brand has increased how much it spends on influencer marketing, despite admittedly not knowing what it delivers. “We don’t expect influencer activity to convert into sales…

    Digiday- 6 readers -
  • The Rundown: The industry jumps on the blockchain bandwagon

    … It seems like the latest technology to get the marketing world hot and bothered is blockchain. Previously relegated to discussions of bitcoin, using the blockchain — essentially a decentralized, ultra-secure Excel sheet — for solving many of digital advertising’s woes is en vogue. Here’s everything blockchain is purportedly hoping to do…

    Digiday- 14 readers -
  • Influencer marketing on Facebook is about to get more expensive

    … them in their page settings, and they will also be able to have stats around reach, engagement, total spend and CPM to determine the effectiveness of influencer posts. At first glance, it seems like Facebook is simply making it easier for advertisers to run paid promotion for influencer marketing, but the worry from execs is that Facebook’s…

    Yuyu Chen/ Digidayin Social- 15 readers -
  • Why fintech startups love advertising on the New York City subway

    … For the last two months, money transfer startup TransferWise has been trying to connect with people stuck on the train during the New York City subway’s “summer of hell.” For a consumer fintech startup, it’s the perfect place to put some advertising dollars. TransferWise has built its business around the ability to let people send money overseas…

    Digiday- 12 readers -
  • ‘Do butt clicks count?’: Content marketers sound off on Facebook and ROI

    … This week, we gathered together brand managers, editorial directors and social media strategists from brands in Vail, Colorado, for the Digiday Content Marketing Summit. Along with hearing from speakers from brands like Reebok, IBM and Heineken, attendees put their heads together in group meetings to discuss solutions to their biggest challenges…

    Digiday- 7 readers -
  • Brand Newsroom 153: Just what is the state of SEO in 2017?

    Search Engine Optimisation: Is it the magic sauce we need to add to our content to help us reach our audience? Or is it an old-fashioned dark art we no longer need to worry about? To discuss the state of SEO in 2017, the BNR team is joined by someone who really knows his stuff, Lush’s Zubin Fitter. Here are some key take-outs: SEO is still important.

    Lush Digital- 11 readers -
  • SoFi battles its first major PR crisis

    … SoFi, once called the “fintech darling” of Silicon Valley, has come up against its first major PR challenge. In a wrongful dismissal suit filed last week, a former employee reportedly claimed he was let go after he told management that he had seen female employees subjected to lewd an inappropriate comments, and that managers canceled loan…

    Digiday- 14 readers -
  • The Amazon effect echoes across the industry

    … If there’s a word that’s echoing through the media and marketing industry these days, it’s Amazon. The e-commerce giant, which has made moves everywhere from content, to advertising, to all sides of the retail coin, is top of mind for most brands. Amazon was mentioned in over 100 company quarterly earnings calls in the past 90 days, from…

    Digiday- 8 readers -
  • The rise of the social media footballer

    … YouTube, unlike Facebook. Some players are starting to realize YouTube’s worth: Manchester United’s Juan Mata has had his own YouTube channel since 2015 and plans to use it as one of the main ways to share a series of films his sports marketing agency Dark Horses is creating to promote an upcoming charity drive. Mata’s moves on YouTube are an example…

    Digidayin Social- 15 readers -
  • US attribution firms eye growth opportunities in Asia

    … and Todd Chu, svp of operator innovation for marketing tech firm Amobee, believe telecommunications companies have the potential to offer vetted and quality data across devices at scale for truly personalized targeting. “It’s similar to what AT&T and Verizon [are] trying to do in the U.S.,” said Sands. “But Asian telecommunications companies have more users and thus more data to offer than their U.S. peers.” The post US attribution firms eye growth opportunities in Asia appeared first on Digiday. …

    Yuyu Chen/ Digiday- 10 readers -
  • Canada Goose doubles down on US expansion as homeland popularity dwindles

    … The luxury parka company Canada Goose is doubling down on its U.S. expansion plans, with the launch of a knitwear line — the company’s first real stab at another category — geared toward the country’s warmer climes, and the impending debut of two new stores in Chicago and Boston. “Knitwear was a natural next step for the brand,” Poriadjian-Asch…

    Digiday- 9 readers -
  • 5 Marketing Budget Mistakes to Avoid

    … One of the most shared infographics we did was speaking to SaaS Marketing Budgets and exactly what percent of total revenue some companies were spending to maintain and acquire market share. By setting your marketing budget to an overall percentage of revenue, it provides your marketing team to incrementally increase demand as your sales team…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin EMail- 15 readers -
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