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  • Get Better Results for Your Clients: Register for Digital Agency Day [FREE]

    … Though they may not get all the glory, digital agencies are the unsung heroes of the marketing world, catching those qualified leads and helping businesses grow. And just like Batman needs his utility belt of Batarangs and explosives, agencies need their tools and gadgets. Which is why on Thursday, January 28th, 2016, we’re hosting the first…

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  • How Agencies Can Use Branded Content Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd

    … services to the same market? A branded content marketing approach lets your agency stand out from the crowd. Image via Unsplash. Many agencies are seeing results by publishing their own branded content: content that blurs the lines between traditional advertising and content marketing. Take Miami-based agency Fractl, for example. In 2013…

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  • How to Charge Your Clients for Landing Page Services

    …. Charge your client for landing pages directly For other agencies, it makes more sense to charge landing pages as a separate line item. Maybe your campaign requires particularly sophistical landing pages with custom coding and custom design. Or, as Liesl Barrell, CEO at Montreal boutique digital marketing agency Third Wunder has found, different…

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  • How This Agency Used Personalization to Land Their Client $21,000 in New Business

    … These days, the word “personalization” is bandied about in marketing circles more than a hacky-sack at Burning Man. We know that personalizing our marketing campaigns brings us better quality leads, but it’s not always as simple as it seems to get started; before you can personalize emails, content and offers for people, you need to get to know…

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  • The Agency Guide to Selling Clients on the Value of Landing Pages

    One stock photo actor pretends to explain landing pages to another. Image source. Have you ever tried explaining to a non-marketer what a landing page is? If you haven’t, expect to be met with a blank stare. It’s not that the concept of just one page with one goal and one call to action is difficult to understand — it’s more that the “Why would you build a new page when you a ...

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