Marketing Attribution

  • Google Analytics Spotlight: The Model Comparison Tool

    … allows you to look at all your channels and compare three different attribution models with one another in Google Analytics. This helps marketers determine how a marketing channel can be valued from different perspectives. For example, you could compare how your paid Facebook advertising stacks up when you apply Last Click attribution with Linear…

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  • E-Book: Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World

    … Attribution. A word that that many equate with another noun: confusion. The growing bewilderment around attribution is due, in large part, to the increasingly complex and overgrown marketing landscape. To help bring some clarity and consistency to the topic, we’ve written a new e-book titled, Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World…

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  • What CMO’s Need to Know About Marketing Attribution: Webinar Recap

    Let’s say you have an adorable kiddo. Who/what do you think should get credit for your charming child? You and your partner? The singer of the mood music you were listening to on that oh-so-special day? That first date? How about that family member who introduced you and your partner in the first place? How, exactly, do you attribute which path along the journey ge ...

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