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    • Content monetization, brocial media, and the role of love in business

      By Mark Schaefer One of the most delightful and provocative thinkers on the web today is my friend Phil Gerbyshak. Phil interviewed recently for a podcast and we covered many topics I had never discussed publicly before, especially as it relates to building customer intimacy today. Here are some highlights from that conversation: Phil: I think it’s possible to build amazing ...

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    • Creating content? When is it time to pivot (or quit?)

      By Mark Schaefer I recently had a conversation with pioneering blogger Chris Brogan and he mentioned that he had ended his latest podcast series and had begun a new one. “I just thought it was time to create something new,” he said. This seems like such a simple idea, and yet it set my wheels spinning. Creating content means building equity in an audience and a body of work.

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  • 3 Important relationship lessons I’ve learned from offline businesses

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Sometimes the best online marketing advice comes from the offline world. You know, that strange, physical realm inhabited by carbon-based lifeforms that occasionally look up from their square-shaped magic boxes. In this post, I want to reveal the top three relationship lessons I’ve learned from my…

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  • 4 Non-Marketing Skills You Need to Become a Better Marketer

    …). Sites like Pixabay offer searchable databases of images you can use. That’s a pretty good start, but you get bonus points if you work with the legal department to create a standard set of rules for giveaways and a template agreement for working with influencers. Operations: Align marketing goals with financial/legal best practices True…

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  • How business strategy is being re-invented by social media

    … By Mark Schaefer My friend Mitch Joel has been on a roll lately. I’ve always considered him one of the world’s great marketing bloggers but the quality of his thinking lately seems to have gone up a notch. If you don’t yet subscribe to his blog Six Pixels of Separation, you should! One of his recent posts inspired today’s topic … and it’s…

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  • 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

    … immediate challenge — how does a company add value in that private environment without being creepy? So that is a bit of my current thinking. What’s your take on these trends? Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books. He…

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  • Why the marketing world is one big selfie

    … will you help me win? Yes, marketing today truly is like participating in one big selfie. What would a marketing strategy look like if it reflected these conditions? Wouldn’t that be a good starting point? Discuss among yourselves. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions…

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  • The greatest content marketing case study in history

    … By Mark Schaefer I was going through some old files from classes I taught years ago and came across the most beautiful and wonderful content marketing case study. It is my all-time favorite because it touches so many bases and I thought I would pass this along to you for a little fun and inspiration. First I have to explain that this case study…

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  • Content shock re-visited, the content marketing myths and realities

    … can observe in this little case study. In any human, natural, or economic system, when there’s too much supply and fixed demand, something has to give. In this case, the supply is content, the demand is consumption. When it gets to the point where it costs too much to compete, you’ve got to find something else to do. Certainly this is no longer…

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  • 4 Ways Marketers Can Up Their Mental Game

    … how you deal with adversity, deal with loss, and bounce back/learn from your mistakes. One of the biggest keys to having a strong mental game is focusing on the things you can control. Use the tips outlined above to better refine your routine, processes & workflows for a better mental game. What are some ways you’ve upped your marketing…

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  • The gig economy and conversational marketing

    …. Conversational marketing — This is beyond the social media mantra of “conversation.” New technology like bots enable one-on-one conversations to develop enhanced personal profiling about … you. This could revolutionize customer service and targeted marketing. Will bots know you better than your best friend? Fake news and filter bubbles — Our…

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  • What it’s like to be hugged by a brand. Literally.

    … that the best brands are no longer B2B or B2C, they’re P2P — connecting their people with consumers who need them. Despite the amazing new technology we have to connect with people directly, most brands have fallen into the same bad habits of using social media content to advertise, sell, and promote. What are some of the biggest digital marketing trends…

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  • Content marketing strategy: Start with questions, end with insights

    … By Mark Schaefer A great way to initiate your content marketing strategy is to “start with answers and end with insights.” Let’s unpack that idea. A few years ago, YouTube came out with a white paper stating that companies doing the best job building brands on the web used three different kinds of content: Hygiene — The “everyday content…

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  • Your marketing strategy is not a decision. It’s decided for you

    … By Mark Schaefer I get a lot of requests every day from people who want to “pick my brain.” I can’t possibly spend so much time giving free advice, and yet I’m a softie who hates to tell people “no!” So I created a place on my site where people can buy an hour of my time and get instant marketing advice for a small amount of money…

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  • What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?

    …, and a commitment to quality content to work. Even in a noisy marketing world crippled by Content Shock, there are still plenty of unsaturated niches to find and dominate. And in an increasingly ad-free world, every business needs to at least consider a role for content marketing in its strategy. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site…

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  • A content dominance strategy drives new media economy

    …” (getting all your media from the internet instead of traditional TV and cable) is only growing at just 1 percent per year. Growth in cord-cutting has been blunted because just 12 percent of the U.S. has access to the minimum speeds needed for multiple pay TV video streams. In our new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I dissect…

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  • Strategies to deal with losing readers through the newsfeed evolution

    …, economics of social media, economist, foundr, mark schaefer, newsfeed Posted in Blogging best practices, branding, Case studies, Communty-building, Content distribution, economics of social media, Entrepreneurism, facebook, Facebook marketing, Internet marketing, Marketing best practices, Marketing Strategy, Mobile marketing, ROI and measurement, Snapchat, Social Media best practices, Social Media Strategy, Traditional media and advertising, Uncategorized | No Comments » All posts …

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