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    • Strategies to deal with losing readers through the newsfeed evolution

      By Mark Schaefer For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a project I’ve called the “re-invention of the blog.” My vision is to create a space that was more than content … it would also present my ideas in such a beautiful, creative and interactive format that the presentation would be as conversational as the content.

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  • 5 Ways to distinguish your content and brand by using research

    …. If a sharp, clear graph like the one below from Statista can’t be drawn from your data, you’re doing it wrong. Final Thoughts There has been a lot of talk about the flood of content that overwhelms us (my friend Mark Schaefer calls it content shock) and there is no question that it is harder than ever to stand out with research studies or any other kind…

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  • What is Blockchain and what is its impact on marketing?

    … be selling products through Blockchain, but marketing companies who run off of it as well. A basic grasp of how it works and how important it will prove to be is likely sufficient now, but won’t be in the future. The importance of privacy is becoming more clear. Right now people are flocking to ephemeral applications like Snapchat and to encrypted…

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  • How to turn social media connections into an actionable audience

    … By Mark Schaefer Probably the biggest myth — and mistake — I see regarding social media marketing is the idea that audience equals action. It doesn’t. Most of the time, your social media connections begin as “weak relational links.” It’s like a handshake. This first connection doesn’t mean they will respond to a call to action like buying…

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  • I’ll be telling my stories on Sundays

    … The hottest social media trend is live-streaming video. It seems like everybody is trying to figure out how to give behind-the-scenes peeks and on-the-fly insights. It’s a great new technology — I’m a big fan of Blab and have done a few Facebook live and Periscope events. But with this opportunity comes a new pressure to “perform” on camera…

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  • Highlights from my #SMMW keynote speech

    … This week I had the honor of giving the closing keynote address at Social Media Marketing World, the biggest social media marketing gathering in the world. What a great event. The Social Media Examiner team out-did themselves this year in every way — content, networking and flawless organization. This was a challenging talk — my audience…

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  • The world’s best creativity technique

    … OK, some blog post headlines tend to be a little sensational. Not this one. I want to share with you the absolute best, can’t-miss technique for truly breakthrough thinking I have ever used. That sounds like a cheesy affiliate ad or something, but there’s no catch here. I am simply giving you one of my best leadership ideas. But it gets better…

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  • Martin Lindstrom on instinct and competitive advantage

    …, or a British housewife reading The Sun. The founder of IKEA was no different. You’d find the enigmatic Ingvar Kamprad running cash registers in his stores. Why? Because he was determined to understand not just what people buy, but also why. Sitting at the checkout stand let him interact with customers, one at a time. “There is only one boss…

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  • Market networks bring businesses into the “enabling economy”

    … vertical. Organizing this way could have a significant impact on how millions of people work and live, and how hundreds of millions buy services. The key attributes of these companies: Combine the main elements of both networks and marketplaces Use SaaS workflow software to focus action around longer-term projects and relationships, not just…

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  • Driving economic benefits from your Alpha Audience

    … I remember the day well. It was in March 2013. I was on a long plane flight and could not shake this uncomfortable feeling I had about the state of digital marketing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my job just seemed harder than it was a year ago. And then I saw data on the exploding amount of content on the web, the ever-rising level…

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  • The Fatal Flaw of A/B Testing

    … for significance of a 25% change off of an expected 4% conversion rate… well, you’d need to send it to more than twice as many subscribers than you actually have. Whoops. So yeah. Don’t always trust an A/B test without putting some serious thought into it. My best suggestion? Narrow it down to a few options, sleep on it, and then in the morning…

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  • Why brand building depends on the imbalances in people’s lives

    … success. In this discussion you’ll learn: How refrigerator magnets provided the clues to an entirely new business model Social media’s new role in marketing discovery. Why Facebook is the new “bedroom wall.” How your social media “discontinuity” provides clues into how you are trying to fool people. Brand-building works when we find…

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  • Four ways Facebook Instant Articles will dramatically impact marketing

    … Something important is about to happen, and the impact on content marketers will be profound. Facebook announced it would open up Instant Articles -– formatted and optimized to load almost immediately -– to any publisher without a special approval process. To make it effortless for even small bloggers, Facebook announced in a post this week…

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  • 5 Ways to keep up with the avalanche of online customer feedback

    … frequently require them to then call you to actually accomplish anything, you are doubling your workload. That scenario still has benefits, though. You are impacting customer advocacy, and the very public nature of your participation matters. You are also gleaning insights to make your business better, and differentiating your business from…

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  • The business case for unbranded content

    …. The beauty of the film is that the content was about the content and the awkwardness of a first kiss, not about the clothes (although it did feature Wren clothes): If you can’t view this video in your browser, you can see it on YouTube: First Kiss. The only way you would know who created this film are brief words at the beginning: “presented…

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  • Social Media and ASO: The Two Essentials of App Marketing

    … more detail about ASO best practice and is an invaluable resource for any app developer (well, since we helped write it, we would say that, wouldn’t we?). Anyway, make sure you check it out! Social Media Social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools around. Done well, even the most budget-poor marketing team can generate significant…

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