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  • Are You Getting Bad Advise From Leading Marketers?

    … to my reading chair. That said, a marketing book is often anecdotal evidence provided by the author to… well… sell books. Sure, saying you’re an author opens doors for marketing, consulting, and speaking opportunities. And, as an author myself, I can assure you that being a great marketer will absolutely help in selling books. However, it’s still…

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  • What is Neuro Design?

    … things like which areas of our visual field are more sensitive to noticing visual elements, thus helping designers compose more effective images. Design and marketing agencies, as well as brand owners, are increasingly commissioning their own neuro research to assess specific design options. For example, if a brand is thinking of completely…

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  • Over 100 Authors Share Their Knowledge in the Better Business Book

    … as a chapter, Stop Listening to Everyone, where I share the best business lesson in my career that was learned the hard way… through a really disastrous year at our agency. I made some really terrible business decisions. What did I learn to get the company back on track? What would I have done differently? I hope you buy the book and see for yourself! Buy The Better Business Book © 2016 DK New Media. …

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  • Top Marketing Books: Educate Yourself!

    … Top Marketers Recommend Favorite Marketing Books As a marketer and professor, I’m often asked, “What are the top marketing books I need to read?” I’m also asked, ”What are the top marketing books should I recommend my boss or team read?” These readers are like you. They’re marketers. They want useful, easy-to-understand marketing information…

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  • Interview: Zain Raj on Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

    …, this book has answers to your questions about how to cut through the noise of big data, how much you should (or shouldn’t) invest in social media, and how to craft marketing and brand-building strategies that net you loyal customers and a long and happy shelf life. We have entered a new world of marketing – we are dealing with more complexity…

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  • Share Your Favorite Marketing Books via Audible

    … It’s been a while since I was an Audible subscriber but I recently started back up. Audible content includes more than 250,000 audio programs from leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. Audible is also the preeminent provider of spoken-word audio products…

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  • 12 Lessons Applied from Extreme Ownership to Marketing

    … of the book. But as a business owner, I couldn’t agree more with the lessons learned and how they apply to my business. The words of one page jumped off the paper as I read them. With respect to the authors of the book, I’m going to reword the key elements of leadership and apply them to an organization’s overall marketing strategy: Goals – analyze…

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  • Interview: Jay Baer on Hug Your Haters

    … One of our show favorites, Jay Baer, is back for another interview with what will be another best selling marketing book. In fact, I think this book goes beyond marketing and should impact the process and procedures of every business as it relates to customer service. Hug Your Haters is the new playbook for how businesses of all sizes must…

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  • Marcom Valuation: An Alternative to A/B Testing

    … So we always wanna know how marcom (marketing communications) is performing, both as a vehicle and for an individual campaign. In evaluating marcom it is common to employ simple A/B testing. This is a technique wherein random sampling populates two cells for campaign treatment. One cell gets the test and the other cell will not. Then response…

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