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  • Mobile Marketing: How mobile impacts customer awareness

    … know for sure mobile marketing works.” This keynote admitted a core problem marketers are facing directly in its title: How do we know mobile is working? Greg presented a very compelling case study in a partnership with AT&T that showed how the MMA was able to prove the effectiveness of mobile advertising and the potential it could bring…

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  • The Future of MarTech

    The present and future of Marketing Technology was debated and captured at the inaugural MarTech Conference in Boston. It was a sold-out event that brought together diverse thought leaders in the MarTech world. In advance, I had the opportunity to connect with the conference chair, Scott Brinker, to discuss the industry’s evolution and how the role of Chief Marketing Technolog ...

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  • New Research: B2B Video Marketing on the Rise

    … Demand Metric, a leading analyst firm for research and best practices for the Marketing industry. The good news, the analysts said, is that those barriers are becoming less challenging and that those who overcome them realize significant returns. Products and services for video marketing are becoming more affordable, and organizations are putting…

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  • Get Your Social Media Marketing Budget Approved #SocialZoomFactor Podcast

    … “I have a massive social media marketing budget, fully dedicated team, and more than enough time to implement my social media marketing plan” said no marketing director ever on the planet! You can have the greatest social media marketing plan on the planet but if you don’t have resource and budget to implement it’s a wasted effort…

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  • Yeah, But...I Can't Afford SEO!

    by Stoney deGeyter In many ways I'm an extremely budget-conscious person. I don't like spending money when I can get the same thing cheaper and just as easily. But, over the years, I began to discover a timeless truth: You truly do get what you pay for! Unfortunately, that's a truth I had to learn the hard way. Cheap iPhone charging cables on Amazon rarely last long.

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