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    • 4 Marketing Lessons from the Success of Hamilton

      Clever marketing is the key to launching a successful product, right? Not quite. If you want proof, just take a stroll down West 46th Street in New York City, where “Hamilton” is playing. This Broadway hit musical has received a Pulitzer Prize, a Grammy, and 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Prices for the premium seats now sell for $849—that is, if you can get them.

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  • Super Bowl Advertising: The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

    … The commercials that air throughout the Super Bowl are a time-honored tradition in the football-watching world (America). However, what was once the Monday morning water-cooler topic of conversation, has evolved into something much greater. As the marketing industry continues to change, these game-day advertising campaigns now begin long before…

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  • The Top Marketing Priority of 2016 – Know Customers

    … a product.) How was a selection made? (Their priorities make a different than what you think.) Was it successful? How did you measure success? Once you have those type of insights, you can begin focusing on search, websites, social and more. You’ll know what terms to use, what engages buyers and more. What do you think of this idea? Love to read your comments. Filed under: BtoB Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, marketing campaigns, sales challenges, sales leadership…

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  • How An Integrated Marketing Campaign Can Help Your Business

    … both offline and offline, the use of integrated marketing channels is key. Integrated marketing campaigns include a combination of marketing channels being utilized and supporting one another to reach a common, shared goal. For most businesses to achieve their outlined business objective there needs to be cross-channel collaboration with consistent…

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  • The Cause and Staggering Consequences of Data Issues

    …. Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Be sure to follow Matt and Integrate on Twitter – they’ll be having a TweetChat on the topic of Data Quality on February 19th. Findings from the Integrate Data Index include: Duplicate data (15%), invalid values/ranges (10%) and missing fields (8%) are the most prevalent data quality issues. Invalid…

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  • 5 Tips for Developing Strong Buyer Personas

    …Buyer Personas are the foundation of great B2B marketing plain and simple and there was a big discussion on Linkedin about personas recently. To create great lead generation campaigns, you start with buyer personas. In fact, in his great book, Launch by Mike Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, which we were hand-selected to review, he calls these…

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  • It’s Time to Plan Your Valentine’s Day Campaigns!

    … Love is in the air, can you feel it? Ok, maybe we’re a little early but it will be in the air next month as Valentine’s Day approaches. Valentine’s Day is Saturday, February 14 this year – providing you plenty of time to ramp up your email marketing and social campaigns. Valentine’s Day is a huge deal for most email marketers and is simply…

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  • The Critical Importance of Marketing Specialization

    … who know marketing go to bat for you. , as Ruth did for me. Also, because I was the Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV, which are still on Youtube, I’m fortunate to know so many top people in our industry, such as New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink. I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel on the show and he knows me. In fact…

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  • The Time I was a Featured Guest on Hubspot TV

    … and those who share on social media. As my friend, Jay Baer said “Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline. ” Please help me make an inferno! Maybe everyone at Hubspot can share it. Filed under: Business Marketing Association, Demand Generation, Find New Customers, Florida, Guest appearances, lead generation, Management best practices, Marketing Awards, marketing campaigns…

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  • Top 5 Reasons Why Lead Nurturing Matters for Marketing – Guest Post

    … for marketers to automate key processes for lead and demand generation. Salesfusion’s mission is to help businesses attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships. Filed under: Fearless Competitor, Find New Customers, Florida, lead generation, Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation, marketing campaigns, Marketing Tips…

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  • There’s a Better Way to do Demand Generation – SCORE!

    … and appreciate those who share on social media. As my friend Jay Baer said “Content (like a blog post) is fire, and Social Media is gasoline.” So you can help me create an inferno! You can also fill out the short form below. [contact-form] Filed under: B2B demand generation, B2B lead generation, Buyer Personas, Content marketing, Demand Generation Manager, Email Marketing, Find New Customers, Management best practices, Marketing, Marketing Automation, marketing campaigns…

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  • Missing Link on too many Websites – Marketing exec!

    … of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer today and he or she should be prominent on websites. What do you think? We love comments and those who share on social media. If your company wants more and better sales leads, contact Find New Customers using the form below. [contact-form] Filed under: B2B demand generation, B2B lead generation, Buyer Personas, Chief Content Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO recruiting, Content marketing, Find New Customers, Marketing, Marketing Automation, marketing campaigns…

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