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    • Should you trust The Meeker Report?

      By Mark Schaefer Like many digital marketers, I look forward to the epic internet trends report produced each year by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Better known as “The Meeker Report,” the epic slide deck is an exhaustive summary of the relevant trends we need to be considering for our companies as the digital world moves forward.

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    • Influencer marketing grows up

      By Mark Schaefer Back in 2010, I wrote one of the most fun and fascinating blog posts of my life. A new trend was coming into view, led by a company called Klout. By analyzing millions of bits of social media data and the reactions the posts caused, the company proclaimed it could estimate your social media influence. At the time, it was a revolutionary idea.

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  • Achieving escape velocity: The content discovery challenge

    … By Mark Schaefer My Marketing Companion co-host Tom Webster told me that within a few weeks, three of his clients all came to him with the same question: How do we get our content discovered? The answer you typically hear in our space is “create quality content and it will rise to the top” but that does not work any more. Perhaps it never has…

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  • Artificial intelligence, real-life marketing

    … By Mark Schaefer The inevitability of a business world dominated by artificial intelligence seems to be the headline of the day, and yet the notion for many marketers may seem distant and unreal. On our Marketing Companion podcast, Tom Webster and I have been toying with this subject for years and decided it was time to devote a full-blown…

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  • The big shift: Ads, TV, and the content monetization challenge

    … or subscribe in iTunes Complete Marketing Companion Episode Guide Click here for the show’s RSS feed – for Android listeners. Find the podcast on Stitcher Please support our extraordinary sponsors. Our content is free because of their generosity. Many thanks to our friend Scott Monty for the awesome show intro. Be sure to check out his…

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  • 20 Extraordinary Content Marketing Insights

    … that say sign up or click agree I am an idiot who doesn’t want more sales. However, the data suggests that pop up firms work, so we are likely to see more of them.” Content shock hasn’t even started yet. Content Shock is real and here but we are just starting to see the impact. The number of internet users is growing, tools to create content are easier…

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  • Creating content? When is it time to pivot (or quit?)

    … this thing … or any content project on the web? The art and science of stopping I’ve been consistently creating content for eight years. I’ve blogged at least twice a week, every week, since 2009. I’ve written six marketing books in that timeframe. Tom Webster and I have published more than 100 episodes of The Marketing Companion podcast over four years…

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  • Here are Our Community’s Favorite Marketing Podcasts

    … with the brightest marketing minds. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Marketing Companion – The Marketing Companion is always fun, always interesting, and always on-target with insights and ideas that will turn up your marketing intellect to an “11.” VB Engage – VB Engage, the brutally honest marketing technology podcast from VentureBeat co-hosted…

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  • Celebrating a Marketing Companion podcasting milestone

    … on this link to listen to Episode 100 Other ways to enjoy our podcast Click here to download the latest episode or subscribe in iTunes Complete Marketing Companion Episode Guide Click here for the show’s RSS feed – for Android listeners. Find the podcast on Stitcher Please support our extraordinary sponsors. Our content is free…

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  • New research reveals Americans migrating to three social media platforms

    … By Mark Schaefer Is social media turning into a three-horse race? New research by Edison indicates that Americans are starting to migrate to three big social media platforms, while usage and preference is flattening out on secondary platforms. In this scintillating, 99th episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster reveals a study 2o years…

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  • A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world

    … do this? What is the role of social media? Blogs and video? Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat? How much time does it take? This seems so overwhelming. Well, until now. It does not have to be. In this new episode of The Marketing Companion, I give the inside story of my new book KNOWN: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand…

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  • What does digital transformation mean to marketing?

    … of change? In this new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I interview Bryan E. Jones, VP North America Commercial Marketing for Dell Technologies. I have known Bryan for four years and I always learn something from him. In all my travels, I’ve never met another executive who is more tuned-in when it comes to the integration of technology…

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  • Smart speakers, the streamification of content and big changes ahead

    … By Mark Schaefer I’ve been in marketing more than 30 years and I think we’re facing the period of greatest change in my experience, probably the greatest period of change in the history of marketing. In this new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and explore the bold ideas that will have a profound impact on marketers including…

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  • What every marketer needs to know about the Internet of Things

    … By Mark Schaefer No list of hot technology trends is complete without a mention of the Internet of Things (IoT). But as we go into a new year, how does this become real to us as marketers? How is IoT going to show up in our daily worklife? Tom Webster and I thought this would be a fascinating topic for an episode of our podcast but frankly…

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  • The gig economy and conversational marketing

    … In the next episode of The Marketing Companion Tom Webster and I explore three rich and timely topics: The “Gig economy” — The ability to match buyers and sellers in order to monetize incremental time has revolutionized the economy. As much as 2 percent of the U.S. economy may be gig-based. But there is a seedy underbelly to this trend…

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  • An insider’s view of the American election and its meaning for marketers

    … Marketing Companion episode, Tom Webster provides extraordinary insight into what happened on election night and what it means to those of us in marketing. What happened to the polls, and what does it mean for the accuracy of market research? The downside of probability calculators and how they might have impacted the election. The role…

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