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  • Which metrics are essential for digital marketing measurement?

    … matter (and matter most to your clients). During our recent webinar, ‘Growing your digital marketing agency: solving the measurement puzzle,’ our panellists discussed which metrics are essential and identified ‘vanity’ metrics which should be left behind. The great advantage that digital marketing has over almost all other forms of marketing…

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  • How to create a digital marketing measurement strategy

    … During our recent ‘Growing your digital marketing agency: solving the measurement puzzle’ webinar it became very clear that, aside from having a clear goal, a healthy dose of reality also helps. You need to ask yourself, which channels can you, realistically, manage? What resources are you working with? And do you you have the capacity…

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  • What is the cloud and why does it matter for small businesses?

    …. The cloud is where all those YouTube videos are kept. Storage services like Dropbox and SugarSync store files in the cloud. And Constant Contact is digital marketing software that you access online — in the cloud. No chunky programs to install on your computer. No CDs in your disc drive. The heavy lifting is done through the world wide web. Where…

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  • Solving the measurement puzzle for your digital marketing agency

    … Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Measurement is perhaps the most crucial part of any digital marketing strategy but it is also reported as one of the most challenging activities faced by digital marketing agencies…

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  • How should you position your digital marketing agency?

    … of many wildly creative websites — there isn’t a great deal of differentiation on show. So, how should you position your digital marketing agency? How should you describe your digital marketing agency or yourself as a digital marketing professional? Are you a web agency, a digital marketing consultancy or a social media ninja? Regardless of what…

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  • Should marketing agencies specialise by skill or target market?

    …. For the unprepared, this was a devastating blow. Should marketing agencies specialise by skill or target market? While many agencies and consultants decide to specialise by only offering specific services, others specialise by customer type – focusing their services on, for example, small businesses, retailers or business to business (B2B…

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