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  • Sales Enablement Through Storytelling (and Without Marketing Collateral)

    … Regardless of who leads sales enablement strategy, your reps need to remove the collateral crutch and practice telling the story instead. Published 1 min ago 0 It’s common to associate storytelling with brand building, but it’s unfortunate that mainstream marketing has confined storytelling to the channels of Twitter, YouTube, byline…

    Relevance- 12 readers -
  • Content Marketing And Copywriting: You Need Both

    … Content Marketing, Owned Media Ham and eggs. Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things just naturally go together. Here’s one more combo that belongs in this category: content marketing and copywriting. Even if marketing content should never directly sell a product, your content marketing campaign can benefit in a big way from…

    John Rugh/ Relevancein Content- 23 readers -
  • Before You Send: Your Email Checklist

    … Every day, businesses send 89 billion emails. With the amount of messages vying for attention in your recipients’ inboxes each day, you may be wondering how your email can stand out and make an impact. If you’re just getting started with email marketing, or even if you’ve been using it for years, it’s important to cover all of the best…

    Azure Collier/ Constant Contactin EMail- 8 readers -
  • [Guide] Overcoming Your Content Challenges

    … Coming up with content for marketing campaigns is one of the biggest marketing challenges facing small businesses today. But what most people don’t realize is that there are great sources of content all around you. With the right plan and a little bit of help you could soon be on your way to creating content that engages your audience…

    Ryan Pinkham/ Constant Contactin Content- 3 readers -
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