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    • Distinguishing Correlation From Causation in Marketing

      Causation and correlation may sound alike but are very different. The former means the root of subsequent events, while the latter refers to an actual or apparent relationship between trends in which neither is the direct cause of the other. This distinction is critical to effective marketing, as confusing these ideas can lead to costly mistakes.

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  • An a quick tour of measurement for video campaigns

    … The following is a guest post by Steven Wastie, the CMO of Origami Logic. His epic Periodic Table of Marketing Signals guest post was one of our most popular ones this year. Video is an effective mechanism for amplifying a brand message and engaging with consumers in ways that “connect” with them. In a recent analysis we did on Rio Olympic…

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  • Profit-Driven Advertising: From Marketing Cost To Revenue Driver [White Paper]

    … budget. Download the White Paper Share this: Share on Facebook Click to share on Twitter Click to share on Google+ Click to share on LinkedIn Click to print Click to email this to a friend Related Posts: A Coming of Age Moment For Social Advertising Data Analysis: The Backbone to In-House Advertising Data Control and Cost Transparency, Brought To You By the Nanigans Reporting API Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Ben Moscatello, Storm8 …

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  • The absolutely epic Periodic Table of Marketing Signals

    … in the number, types, and velocity of marketing interactions, making it difficult for marketers to understand which of them matter, which are relevant, and which warrant a response. With no respite in sight, what’s the solution? It’s time to start thinking in signals. Marketing signals make the critical connection between data and insights…

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  • A Rosetta Stone of marketing technology terminology

    … in their lives (global warming notwithstanding). So it seems natural that they would acquire a large vocabulary to describe the many different contexts and characteristics of snow. So, how many different words do you think marketers have for key data records in CRM and marketing automation systems? Not surprisingly, quite a few. Also, not surprisingly…

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  • Social media predicts the next Carpool Karaoke stars

    … on their shared interests and affinities, we can easily see who is most relevant to the passionate Carpool Karaoke audience. To begin my analysis, I ran a Tweet Content Report on anyone mentioning “Carpool Karaoke” on Twitter in the past 30 days. We can easily see a break out out of interest-based clusters such as: 5SOS Super Fans, Marketing/Tech…

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  • Azuqua: Eliminate Your Silos and Connect Cloud and SaaS Applications

    … Kate Legett, VP and principal analyst at Forrester in a September 2015 blog post wrote in her post, CRM is Fragmenting. It’s A Controversial Topic: Keep customer experience front and center of your company. Make sure that you are supporting your customers through their end to end journey with easy, effective, enjoyable engagement, even when…

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  • Global Media Stats That Every Digital Marketer Should Know

    … With 43% of the global population using the Internet at least once a month, it’s easy to see that the world is evolving into an increasingly digital space. Yet each region of the planet is unique in terms of population and adoption of technology. In an effort to keep pace with regional development, eMarketer recently released its fifth annual…

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  • The Year Of Data-Driven Marketing: How To Make It Work For You

    … reports. All that’s left to do now is to tap into these resources, and channel them into your marketing efforts. Now that you understand the benefits of using social data to inform your marketing efforts, sign up for Hootsuite Pro today! Sign up for a 30-day trial The post The Year Of Data-Driven Marketing: How To Make It Work For You appeared first on Hootsuite Social Media Management. …

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  • HubSpot Inbound: Applying Content Lessons to Advertising

    … their decisions, advertisers must embrace data. Using previous campaign reports to analyze what’s gone well in terms of targeting, audiences and keywords, as well as what products have been best-sellers, is a best practice for both professions — and so is asking competitive intelligence questions like, “What are rivals marketing most successfully…

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