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  • Sales and Marketing Acronyms

    … It seems every week, I’m seeing or learning another acronym. Well, time to share them all in one nice post thanks to the team at Blueadz, who made this amazing infographic, 60 Marketing & Sales Acronyms Everyone Needs to Know. Sales Acronyms ABC: Always Be Closing This is the first of the sales acronyms you should learn as a young sales…

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  • 2018 RSW/US Marketer-Agency New Year Outlook

    … If you ask a dozen marketing agency owners what they do, whether or not they’re growing, and how they profit from services they offer… I’m fairly certain you’ll get a dozen different answers from each. I have little doubt we all love what we do for our customers, but we all find a path we’re good at and head that direction. The 2018 RSW/US…

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  • Valentine’s Day Commerce Statistics

    … Time is running out for Valentine’s Day… but thankfully not for e-commerce providers.Valentine’s Day purchases go down to the wire, with nearly two-thirds of Valentine’s Day shoppers waiting until the last week to make their purchase Tweet This!. And purchase they will! 53.9% of Americans are going to celebrate this year and on average, they’ll…

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  • Is Voice Search on the Cusp of Transforming Commerce?

    … with Android integration. All the competition is incredible. While I’m an Apple fanboy, I fear that Apple’s culture of control may lose them the voice battle long-term. Amazon has an incredibly open architecture and tens of thousands of skills already available to interact with virtually any service or device. On a side note If you’re on Siri…

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  • Return on Social Media Investment

    …, it is important to understand what activities are truly driving ROI in social. Is it content marketing, social insights, or advocacy and retention efforts such as social customer service? Salesforce teamed up with Altimeter to publish a study focusing on this very topic, the ROI of social media management. The findings of the research does establish there…

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  • What’s Changed About Corporate Blogging Over The Years?

    … If you’ve been following me over the last decade, you know that I wrote Corporate Blogging for Dummies back in 2010. While the landscape of digital media has had immense changes over the last 7 years, I’m honestly not sure there’s been too many changes when it comes to the book and companies developing a corporate blogging strategy. Businesses…

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  • 9 Deadly Mistakes that Make Sites Slow

    … – Script file and CSS file sizes can be compressed through reducing unnecessary elements (like line feeds, commenting, tabs, and spaces. Removing these elements is called minifying. Some CMS systems can also do this automatically as the site loads and caches. Huge Images – End users often upload images direct from their camera or phone…

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  • What is an Ad Server? How does Ad Serving Work?

    … It may seem like a pretty elementary question, “How are ads served on a website?” The process is quite complex and happens in a remarkably short period of time. There are publishers all over the world that provide the relevant, targeted audience the advertisers are attempting to reach. Then there are advertising exchanges throughout the world…

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