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  • Loyalty Programs Might Cost Your Business More Than You Bargained For

    … By Kerry Gorgone Loyalty programs seem like Marketing 101. A retailer or other local business offers consumers a loyalty card that entitles them to free goods or services if they visit the store X number of times or refers X number of friends, etc. The popularity of loyalty programs is difficult to dispute: in a recent survey from CodeBroker…

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  • STOP: Don’t Use Influencer Marketing Without Reading This Post

    … their online followings. If you want to recruit influencers to amplify your brand message, do it, just be smart about it. First, check out my {grow} post: a checklist for safe influence marketing. Second, work with a practicing attorney who specializes in social media law (like Sara F. Hawkins) to create a contract you can use to govern each of your…

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  • Trade Libel: If you can’t say something nice, make sure you have proof

    … and needs and, in some instances, how a product or service like yours can help them to overcome those challenges. There are dozens of great books on how and why to create reader-centric content. Two of my favorite are Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes and Jay Baer’s Youtility. Why spend any time slamming the competition when you could be building trust…

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  • How to Use Native Advertising Without Getting Fined by the FTC

    … policy statement on deceptively formatted advertisements” giving advertisers and publishers alike a heads up: deceptive native ads will not be tolerated. So how can your brand capitalize on native advertising without breaking the law? The FTC offers some insight in their guide, “Native Advertising: A Guide for Businesses.” Here are a few key…

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