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  • Roadmap for Creating Engaging and Effective Content

    …, or worse, that they do read and think was a waste of time. Step 1: Start with Business Strategy AND Audience Needs Cascade business strategy and context Without a set of defined business goals to achieve, your content marketing strategy is flying blind. A successful content marketing strategy starts with the set of business goals you’re out…

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  • Ask a Content Guy: What Content Metrics Really Matter?

    … this question is phrased because it sounds like we’re deliberating the Oscars. Which metric really mattered this year, Wesley? Well I’d say Brand Awareness has had a tremendous impact on our cultural consciousness, wouldn’t you? Right now, there’s a temptation in content marketing to divide metrics into two camps: useless and magical. But when it comes…

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  • The Devil’s Data Dictionary – Book Interview

    … out they’re heavy. Q: What are 1-3 books that inspired your work/career? Q: What is the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome? I have faced many problems in my life – some of them actually happened. Q: What’s something unusual or fun that most people don’t know about you? I have flown to Macedonia to see Shakespeare – twice. Q: Is there…

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  • Top 3 Marketing Mistakes New Businesses Make

    … businesses make. Mistake #1: Focus on the Wrong Metrics The sheer volume of data available to analyze marketing today is mindboggling. Google Analytics, by itself, provides so much data that you can eat up an entire weekend analyzing it – only to discover it ultimately leads to contradictory conclusions depending on what data you prioritize. And that’s…

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  • Marketing Matters

    … travel and engage in these conversations? The CEO – perhaps, but top marketing exec is a logical choice, provided he or she knows how to ask probing questions and uncover valuable information. Marketing and sales are aligned. Here is a sample question. How did an initiative rise from “nice to have” to “must have?” Make learning buyers your priority for 2016! What do you think? Love comments and good marketing questions. Filed under: BtoB Marketing, Management best practices, Marketing, Marketing Metrics…

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  • The Cure to CMOs’ Top 3 Concerns: Smarter Content Marketing

    …, and double down on metrics that measure the relationship you’re building with readers, such as engaged time and return visitors, and thread them together in a cohesive way. Elusive customers, overwhelming data and fuzzy ROI don’t have to be the monsters hiding under the CMO’s desk. Let content marketing be your nightlight so you can sleep soundly. This article originally appeared on Contently. …

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