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  • Why Your Social Media Is Failing

    … where applicable. This includes mining your older content gems. As these 5 facts prove you need to do more than be present on social media to reap measurable results. To put a social media spin on President Kennedy’s famous words: “Don’t ask what social media can do for you, Ask what you can do for social media.” 10 Tactics to incorporate…

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  • Do Your Social Media Relationships Get Consummated?

    … for premium services where appropriate and support your social media activity with resources. Stake out your brand name across social media entities. 9. Consummate your relationship. Most sales need to be consummated either on your website or in your store. Therefore, you must encourage your social media prospects to complete the sale off of social media…

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  • Social Media Audience Building: Fish Where The Fish Are

    … computer screen if you don’t want them to. Act like you’re somebody important. But as your mother taught you, mind your manners. (Unless of course, you’re Jason Falls or Erika Napoletano!) 10. Maintain baseline activity. Keep your presence active on a continuous basis. Don’t build up your audience and then go on vacation. Use scheduling tools…

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  • Persona Definition: 10 Essential Marketing Persona Attributes

    What Every Marketer Needs To Know In Latin, persona is defined as an actor’s mask. As such, it’s associated with characters in a drama. Expanded more broadly to writing, a persona is a character representing the thoughts of a specific person. This person acts as the writer’s mouthpiece, emphasizing the person’s subjective qualities and expresses the writer’s ideas, beliefs and voices.

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  • How to Create Buyer Personas With Google Analytics

    …. What do you think? What tools and techniques are you using to learn more about your social media audience? Share your suggestions and comments in the box below. Tweet Tags: audience research, ben jacobson, buyer persona, customer persona, customer research, google analytics, google analytics report, keyword analysis, keyword search, marketing persona, marketing strategy, persona, social media market research …

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