Marketing Personalization

  • 4 ways to get ahead of the marketing personalization curve

    … If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that we “must personalize the customer journey” I’d probably be on a beach somewhere drinking daiquiris. Instead, I try to help people understand what personalization actually means for in-app marketing. In the past decade, marketers have made a lot of progress in personalizing shopping…

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  • How Can Personalized Email Make An Impact on Your Users?

    … be embarrassed to share as contact information today. Email has evolved into one of the most important forms of online identification, and nearly everything on the web that you create an account for now requires a valid email address. So, if the basic concept behind naming email addresses has drastically changed, you can bet that the marketing aspect…

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  • Does Content Marketing Fuel Our Worst Instincts?

    …. Or they’ve grounded a crowded airplane in order to use a laptop more comfortably. The concept of service has expanded to include expecting others to tolerate increasingly self-involved behavior. The Violet Beauregarde Problem (aka Me, Myself, and My Device) Is the problem marketing personalization? Or is the nearly universal expectation of service…

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