Marketing Personas

  • How to Create Buyer Personas with Social Media Data

    … Chances are, you’re creating buyer personas for your business even if you’ve never heard the term. It’s all about knowing who your customer is. Whatever product or service your business offers, it solves a problem or addresses a common challenge that exists among a certain group of people: your customers. Once you have a big enough customer base…

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  • Marketing Persona Lessons from a Simple Bag of Tea

    … they may be. Let’s be honest… are you inadvertently forcing a well-packaged ‘solution’ on someone who’d be better suited to a more custom alternative? Now is a great time to figure that out and improve the situation before you accidentally insult or dismiss a an opportunity or prospect. Just how well do you know your marketing personas? Try out this free Marketing Persona tool and find out. …

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  • An Important Holiday Message from the Streets

    … that connections, followers and personas are real people with diverse backgrounds worthy of more than that, is about the most powerful holiday message I can share, and maybe even the most important piece of “marketing” advice I could ever give. So, the next time you connect with someone – online or off – please remember you can never know what…

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  • Are Your Big Words Causing Small Headaches?

    … that they’re measuring content via 21 different metrics, which can be broadly classified into the audience match, linguistics, and structure. These are also backed up by common sense descriptions that allow you to get a quick sense of why your content isn’t where it should be (if it isn’t) and what you can do to fix it. Another somewhat similar tool…

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