Marketing Personas

  • How to Create Buyer Personas with Social Media Data

    … a service or product similar to those your business offers. 7. Social media monitoring tools Keep in mind that best way to create a realistic representation of your client base is to draw information from as many various sources as possible. Each social network on its own not necessarily representative of your entire online audience, which is why it’s…

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  • Marketing Persona Lessons from a Simple Bag of Tea

    … they may be. Let’s be honest… are you inadvertently forcing a well-packaged ‘solution’ on someone who’d be better suited to a more custom alternative? Now is a great time to figure that out and improve the situation before you accidentally insult or dismiss a an opportunity or prospect. Just how well do you know your marketing personas? Try out this free Marketing Persona tool and find out. …

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  • An Important Holiday Message from the Streets

    … saving a seven-year-old child who swam out past a sandbar drop-off during a summer birthday party and swim. I have the Gov. Gen.’s Award for Bravery and the Carnegie Medal my mother won in exchange for her life. These were difficult times in my life, and they weren’t the last ones. As many of you know, 30-odd years later I would battle (and beat…

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  • Are Your Big Words Causing Small Headaches?

    … for the purpose is the Hemingway app. While it doesn’t measure the reading level of your content with the same complexity, it is quite easy to use. With a colour-coded system, it shows you where sentences might be too long or complicated, where you’ve chosen weak adverbs, and which words in your article or post could be replaced with shorter ones…

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