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    … I hope you’re having a fantastic week thus far, and yes it’s been a long time since I last posted. This post is going to ruffle a few feathers, you could say. And when you read this, I want you to be honest with yourself of whether or not you fit the mould of the type of person I’m describing. Have you ever given advice to someone, and every… 1 readers -
  • It’s the single greatest money-getting secret. Ever.

    …, is themselves! Which is why self-interest is so important. A woman with skin problems, for example, doesn’t care about toe fungus or jock itch. No matter HOW good your offer is, this just isn’t relevant to her life. So the first things you need to think about when creating marketing, is how can you make your target marketplace, curious, and… what is going… 3 readers -
  • How to Make BIG Money… Really Fast!

    … Money with Minimum Customers.” If you haven’t read that book, do yourself and your bank account a favor and grab it this week.. Click Here Now to Check It Out It’s a real, physical book that could be called a bible for direct response marketing. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your ad click through rates, landing page and offer conversion, or e-mail list relationship, then do yourself a favor and grab it while the sale is on. Move as fast as you can, but never hurry. Talk soon, Chad …

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  • Why Most List Building Sucks…

    … I often encourage new and experienced marketers alike to do list building to some degree. And yes that goes for CPA & Clickbank affiliates as well. The benefits of building an asset, and a controllable traffic source such as an e-mail list, are endless. Now, one big complaint I get when people try to list build is the following…

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  • Direct Linking, Honeypots, and What’s Really Most Important?

    …-qual, pre-frame, set expectations, and filter, not just sell a click… eCPM is more important that CTR, though CTR is also extremely important. The more and more I’ve done this, really direct linking is a very fast path to long term stability. I know that sounds counter intuitive, and I’m a big proponent of list building, but the best list…

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  • A Great Article You Need to Read (about iPhone Apps)

    …, posted on Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week Blog. He gives a great breakdown on getting apps made, but a BIG reason I’m sending this article out is the marketing and targeting principles he discusses: He discusses in depth how to see what’s…

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  • Let’s Continue the Lesson… Traffic is Easy, Conversion Screws You

    … Posted by Chad Hamzeh in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Marketing Principles 2 comments Alright so today I want to continue where we left off on Monday. By the way, the RevenueWire blogger contest closes tonight at 11:59 EST. So if you haven’t voted for me, I’d appreciate you taking 10 seconds to do so please:…

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