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  • How to create *emotionally relevant* marketing experiences for your shoppers

    … Marketers have more data than ever before. But even with all of this data, we still aren’t seeing a complete...Read blog postabout:How to create *emotionally relevant* marketing experiences for your shoppers The post How to create *emotionally relevant* marketing experiences for your shoppers appeared first on WiderFunnel Conversion Optimization. …

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  • The 2 tweaks that will make you dominate in any competitive market (Part 6)

    … This is the LAST part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read part one through five here. This post is theoretical with actionable tips (assuming you’ve read the first five posts in the series). For reference, these are the 5 approaches to dominate a market: Promise the benefit. Enlarge the claim. Mechanism…

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  • How to get your users to take action with compliance gaining

    … ask your user for something small first that they will most likely say yes to, then ask for something larger (the actual action you want them to take) at a later time. Researchers have several theories as to why this is effective, one of them being your user’s desire to remain consistent with what they previously said. Example: If your web page…

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  • 4 Psychological Triggers Every Content Creator Must Know

    … even though we do not have them at birth. This is a function of a relatively modern study called evolutionary psychology. As far-fetched as it may sound, learning specific aspects of human psychology caused by evolution can turn a good content creator into a great one. Many of the following psychological triggers will be elements you already use…

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  • I feel, therefore I buy: How your users make buying decisions

    … to follow. – Dan Hill, Author, Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success Emotions are powerful. Neuroscience + Marketing In recent years, the science dubbed neuromarketing has begun to emerge; it “bridges the study of consumer behavior with neuroscience”. The first piece of neuromarketing research was published in Neuron in 2004…

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  • 59 words and phrases that convert (and how to use ’em)

    … Aaron, 23 data-backed words that convert, Salesforce Blog Is “Free” the most powerful word in marketing copywriting? FREE! Is more powerful than any rational economic analysis would suggest. If you want to sell more of something, use that power. – Roger Dooley, Author, Brainfluence Make your landing page copy exciting with the word “New…

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