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    • The Customer Experience Operating System (CX-OS)

      The following is a guest post by Gerry Murray, research manager for IDC’s CMO Advisory service and a popular speaker at the MarTech conference. All images in this post are courtesy of IDC. In the early days of the martech industry, every application had to be a standalone solution. In addition to the execution environment (email, web, social), they had to have all the underly ...

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  • 2 terrific #MarTech talks on the rise of AI in marketing

    … to computers doing “smart” things), and machine learning is used in cognitive computing to enable a software program to “reason” like a human, which is one kind of AI. Does that clear it up? “Uh, not really.” Well, here are two much better explanations of these concepts and how they are being applied to marketing by two of our featured speakers…

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  • Big deals for Marketo and Demandware, but what do they mean?

    ….” It doesn’t result in fewer marketing technology vendors in the marketing technology landscape. Marketo remains Marketo, an independent company, albeit under new, private ownership. Consolidation would have been if an existing marketing software giant — Adobe, Oracle, or Salesforce — had acquired them, particularly if they sought to phase out the Marketo…

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  • The 5 C’s model of Acrolinx’s award-winning Stackie

    … The following is a guest post by Steve Rotter, CMO of Acrolinx. Acrolinx was one of the five winners of the 2016 Stackies Awards at MarTech, and we invited them to share the rationale behind their marketing technology stack. The 2016 MarTech conference was truly amazing, and we were honored — and pleasantly surprised — to receive a Stackie…

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  • The buzz around account-based marketing at MarTech

    … featured a reference to ABM, and many of the presenters touched on the trend as well. Across software categories like predictive analytics, sales & marketing intelligence, and ad serving & retargeting, ABM is impacting vendor positioning, marketing campaigns, and even product roadmaps. The TrustRadius research team checked in with some…

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  • Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2016)

    …, is an oversimplification on its own. Some marketing technology vendors are exiting (“consolidation”), yet still other new ones continue to enter and innovate: One thing is certain though: marketing technology is a fascinating space. P.S. In addition to my role as editor of, I’m also the co-founder and CTO of a marketing software…

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