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    • 4 Non-Marketing Skills You Need to Become a Better Marketer

      By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Marketing isn’t a department. It needs to be a way of life throughout your organization. Human Resources needs to market the company to prospective applicants. Product development must make a quality deliverable or marketing will prove impossible.

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    • New research reveals Americans migrating to three social media platforms

      By Mark Schaefer Is social media turning into a three-horse race? New research by Edison indicates that Americans are starting to migrate to three big social media platforms, while usage and preference is flattening out on secondary platforms. In this scintillating, 99th episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster reveals a study 2o years in the making: The Infinite Dial.

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    • So what is growth hacking, really?

      In 2010 Sean Ellis, entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor and now CEO of GrowthHackers, coined the term “growth hacker” as someone whose every strategy, every tactic, and every initiative is attempted in the hopes of growing. But that’s pretty vague, right? Check out the Google Trends graph below. Lots of people are searching for this term, so let’s dig into what it really means.

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  • The Vital Common Sense Marketing Strategy You May Have Forgotten

    … a different set of personalized results. And when you can identify the difference between content written for visitors and content written for search engines, you can optimize your own copy to better serve your visitors. The post The Vital Common Sense Marketing Strategy You May Have Forgotten appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

    … By Mark Schaefer I’m often asked: “What is the next big thing in marketing?” This seems like a simple question, but I’m not sure I know any more. I started thinking about this and came up with at least 10 “big things” that will profoundly impact my career, and yours. I first posted this list on Facebook and it provoked some interesting comments…

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  • Why the marketing world is one big selfie

    … By Mark Schaefer I had lunch with a friend the other day and we were observing a bunch of young people taking selfies. “You know,” he said, “the marketing world is just one big selfie.” So this became a discussion topic and perhaps it’s true. Here is what we would learn if we looked at the current marketing culture through the psychology…

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  • Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing – Which Gives the Best ROI?

    … to the content of bloggers who are active on social media. This practice will allow you to perform blogger outreach effectively. The ROI can be enormous. Expect to gain some social shares from bloggers, and in some cases, you may even acquire a backlink. Pay Per Click I rank this inbound marketing strategy last because it requires capital to do it effectively…

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  • Direct sources for content marketing research

    … When researching for a content marketing strategy, how do you ensure you’re accessing authentic information about your audience? On a recent content marketing program for a trucking firm, content marketer Stephen Dupont remarked: “Sure, it’s easy to ask in an online survey or a Facebook post… But to uncover deeper insights, we needed phone…

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  • The new standards for strategy and social media success

    … the first step is to take a rational look at what is possible. What is the current strategy, if they even have one? What are the obstacles to success, both real and perceived? Is the organization ready for a public social media presence? Are they a conversational brand, meaning, is this a natural fit for the company or will it take extraordinary…

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  • Content shock re-visited, the content marketing myths and realities

    … the rapid rate of change in our business. The challenge in all of this is to think critically and be aware of the changes in your business. Don’t keep doing something because that’s what you did last year. Consider new strategies focused not just on content but on content ignition — the economic value of content that is not seen and shared…

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  • Shifting the Focus From Reinvention to Optimization in 2017

    … This is not your typical "trends" post for the New Year. While every marketing guru proclaims 2017 as being - at last - the year of Augmented Reality, I've chosen to focus on some of the proven tactics that are often overlooked. Don't start another blog. Instead, start a podcast. Yes, podcasts are hard to get off the ground. Yes, your audience…

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  • How Mobile Ecommerce Will Profit This Holiday Season [Infographic]

    …, and more next year. If you are on the fence about adopting a mobile app as part of your marketing strategy, take a look at what mobile commerce will mean to businesses this holiday season. 1 92% of Consumers Shop with Smart Phones With 9 out of 10 Americans owning a smartphone, it’s understandable that 92% of consumers will search for holiday gifts…

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  • Personalized Marketing and The Key to the Me Generation

    … your brand stay on top of the competition and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace? The answer: a hyper-focused, tactical, personalized marketing strategy that will make your business stand out. Defining the “Me Generation” Millennials are often referred to as the “me generation” but the truth is that across every generation we’re all…

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  • Best Practices for Replying to Negative Google Reviews

    … is in the wrong, it's fake, or someone is just hating on you, I'd contact Google support on Twitter @googlemybiz and provide documentation of the facts with a request to have the unfair/fake review removed. Keep in mind that Google may not do anything at all if it's legit – after all, that's why there are reviews in the first place. Need advice on how to handle tricky online marketing situations, we’d be happy to help. And, if you found this helpful, please leave a review for the team at Kayak. We'd love that! …

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