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  • Here’s Why User Generated Content Is So Successful

    … First off, what is user generated content? Essentially it’s content which was created by unpaid contributors and can be anything from pictures and videos to testimonials and submissions. For example, your business can create a #hashtag that can be used by consumers to post their own content using your product/service onto their social media…

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  • Snapchat needs to pay attention to the cool kids, and so do you

    … By Mark Schaefer I saw an interesting snippet on the web this week that provides an essential marketing lesson for our digital age. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you can’t ignore the cool kids. Let’s look at what’s going on in the digital marketplace where influencers rule and how you can avoid this pitfall. The Snapchat fail Katie Notopoulus did…

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  • Killing Marketing – Book Interview

    … innovative companies around the world have achieved remarkable marketing results by fundamentally changing their approach. By creating value for customers through the use of owned media and the savvy use of content, these businesses have dramatically increased customer loyalty and revenue. Killing Marketing explores how these companies are ending the marketing as we know it--in favor of this new, exciting model. The post Killing Marketing – Book Interview appeared first on Heidi Cohen. …

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  • An indispensable guide to 12 possible content marketing strategies

    … want to appease Google and attract organic traffic? Well, it depends. I decided to create a very simple guide to clarify and simplify your content marketing strategies based on your business goals and the type of content that can best achieve those goals. Ready? First, let’s identify four common content business goals and the three basic content…

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  • 10 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider as B2B Content Marketer

    … Are you a content marketer? Do you know how effective your marketing techniques are? Well, it is essential that you take advantage of marketing metrics. Marketing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are awesome ways to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Some marketing metrics are generally not effective. Having…

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  • What’s the Twouble with Twitter Marketing?

    … By Mark Schaefer My very wise friend Jay Baer wrote a thought-provoking post entitled Is Twitter in 2017 even worth the trouble? He points to research citing incredibly low brand engagement rates and suggests that perhaps Twitter has become a marketing afterthought. This discussion was particularly timely for me as I’ve spent the last few…

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  • Killing Marketing – Book Interview

    … is now Content Marketing Institute wasn’t bringing in enough profits to support our young family. I was literally a few days away from quitting and going back to find a “real job”. Fortunately, I stayed patient, and started to open my ears to what our audience was saying. They didn’t need what we were selling…they needed training and education. So we…

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  • Track These Five Metrics To Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns

    … Facebook, the social media platform that hosts 2.01 billion monthly active users, is a platform your brand needs to utilize. Over the years this platform has become a crucial way to build businesses online; in fact, over 40 million small businesses have active pages to advertise themselves digitally. With the increased use of Facebook metrics…

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  • Why the content marketing future is NOT in video content

    … By Mark Schaefer A friend and I were recently discussing the many forecasts of video content taking over the internet. “I don’t see it,” he said. “Personally I am not a big video content consumer. My son and I will be sitting at the table eating breakfast and looking at the sports page. I’ll be reading a story about the game and my son…

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  • Do Instagram Pods Really Help? 5 Factors to Consider for Your Brand

    …. Artificial comments given by pod members alter data since they come from people who are not necessarily interested in those products. On a side note, pods may help you land more sponsored content deals. Final Word Joining Instagram pods has its ups and downs. But don’t take what others said for granted. They may prove to be beneficial for your Instagram marketing strategy, so you should at least give them a try. Nevertheless, pods or no pods, one thing is for sure. Instagram is a prime channel to promote your brand. …

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  • 3 Timeless tips for selling your online product in an overcrowded market

    … it better. If you want to serve a hungry market, don’t fear the abundance of products already available. Study them, learn from them, and know how to differentiate yourself. Which brings us to the second point. 2) Same same but different It’s often said that people like something completely different, but that’s only partly true. As mentioned…

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  • Should happy employees be your next marketing tactic?

    …, for example showing employee interactions, social events, examples of organisational culture, internal projects and organisational opportunities, clearly demonstrate employee satisfaction without seeming forced or staged. A lot can be done not just through your social media marketing but also through your content marketing strategy to promote employee…

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  • What Is Sales Enablement And Why Should You Care?

    … the element of risk for buyers in their buying process. Creates an atmosphere of trust in which buyers seek out your expertise to help them solve business problems. In order to grow your company in the modern business environment, it's important to structure your sales and marketing processes to embrace the concept of sales enablement. Buyers…

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