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  • Hotel Marketing: 5 Tactics to Use for the Holiday Season

    …, and attractions nearby. Potential customers are interested in learning about activities they can partake in if and when they choose to stay at your hotel. Take advantage of the holiday season and cater to the needs and interests of your target audience. Be creative with your execution and have some fun! The post Hotel Marketing: 5 Tactics to Use for the Holiday Season appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • Top 3 Marketing Mistakes New Businesses Make

    … on which small businesses can spend their marketing dollars today. Unfortunately, too many small businesses gravitate only toward the trendy tactics and ignore the essential marketing tactics. They focus all their time and money on tactics that generate likes, followers, and opens while ignoring essential tactics lead conversion, customer retention…

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  • In Local Marketing, ‘Obsolete’ Is All Relative

    … we define obsolete when it comes to marketing technologies isn’t always useful in industries where many if not most local small business owners are “behind the times.” When your competition hasn’t embraced older technology or marketing techniques, you don’t have to be on the cutting edge to benefit. You just need to be doing more with the tools…

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  • 21 native ads for marketing geeks that will shock you

    …-through by now. But still we’re drawn to the crap, like moths to the flame. No, I resist because, well, I’m not really that intrigued about diets, mortgages, or actors from the 80’s. I’m a red-blooded marketing geek. So if you really want to stir my curiosity, these are the kind of irresistible native ad headlines that I would be absolutely…

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  • How To Create Ebooks That Generate Quality Leads

    … true that when ebooks are executed poorly they can be relatively fruitless. In May, Jay Acunzo demonstrated how if ebooks don’t save their audience time or money, they underperform for lead generation vs. other content marketing tactics. Perhaps this is a reason why they are currently less popular among B2B marketers than other long-form content…

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  • Why Every Organization Needs a Chief Marketing Improvisation Officer

    … success in a dynamic world. The CMIO: Chief Marketing Improvisation Officer Successful entrepreneurs (and companies) are improvisers who prepare, fail, learn quickly, and “pivot.” They know when to adapt, and they empower others to do that as well. In a world of increasing complexity, the ability to improvise and to manage change is critical…

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