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    • How to Achieve Bestseller Status with Your First Book

      Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of working with several authors to build their audience and launch their first books. While each author’s book has done well, one client’s success stands out. On the one-year anniversary of her book’s publication, I asked Lisa Douthit if she would be willing to share what she did to achieve bestseller status with Wellness W ...

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    • 10 Stats That Will Shape Your 2017 SEO Strategy

      Depending on where you live in the world, there’s a good chance your priorities shift as September winds to a close. A chill might set into the air, deeming layers and jackets immediate necessities. Seasonal produce might dictate more pumpkin- and apple-based dishes. In the hotter climates, fall likely heralds relief from the oppressive August heat.

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  • Why the Performance Fee Model Is On Its Way to Extinction – Part 2

    Last week we addressed part one of this topic and looked at the history of the performance fee model and why it’s causing so many issues today. This week we’ll touch on five trends that are very likely to bring an end to this common network fee model. New challenges with the Performance Fee Model Here are five trends that threaten to bring an end to the current version of the ...

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  • Brand Strategy: Leveraging Current Events & Marketing Trends

    …, there have been similar trends in the past that brands have capitalized on. here are some of my favorite examples that demonstrate brands leveraging pop culture themes for campaigns and marketing strategies. Virgin The passing of the same-sex marriage bill was a landmark event in the UK in 2013, welcomed by the public and many politicians. UK-based…

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  • Six thought-provoking and profound marketing trends

    …, and switching costs. Will Facebook need to get into the music business? The game-changing technology of voice recognition accuracy. The malignant complexity of data and the vulnerability of a “single-source” supply channel. Pretty interesting stuff? If that wasn’t enough, it’s the third anniversary of The Marketing Companion and Tom and I have…

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  • Key Marketing Trends from IRCE 2016

    … experience. Some tactics that will help increase engagement include personalization, convenience, ease-of-use and speed. If retailers can provide positive experiences to their customers through their app, then they’ll be more likely to return to the app and make a purchase. Voice Search on the Rise The roles of digital personal assistants like Siri…

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  • Brand Development Strategy: Omni-Channel Marketing Trends 2016

    … by bots, it’s harder and harder to rely on traditional digital marketing channels to get your brand’s value in front of your target audience. Despite these apparent difficulties, there are massive opportunities to reach your audiences on less traditional platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, which have over a billion active monthly users…

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  • What Do Facebook Reactions Mean for Social Media Marketers?

    … The day has finally come! We are no longer living in a world where the only way for Facebook’s 1.49 billion users to quickly interact with a post is merely by giving it a “thumbs up.” People are complex and nuanced. Feelings are complex and nuanced. Certainly everything that’s shared on social media does not warrant a “thumbs up.” In just one…

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  • 2015 Trends in Review: Publishers, Content, and Audiences

    … Kicking off a new year in business should always involve a moment of reflection, and content marketing is no different. Reflection is not just about saying, “we were up xx%,” it’s about the WHAT and the WHY. We are breaking down the top trends and takeaways from 2015 covering Publishers, Content, and Audiences. The 2015 Trends below are based…

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  • Valentine’s Day Email Marketing: Our Favorite Campaigns

    … some of our favorite email marketing campaigns from the holiday weekend to see what features really stand out in the inbox. Take a look at our list below, and see if you can incorporate any of these elements into your next email marketing campaign. 1. American Eagle One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is getting a potential customer…

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  • Top 3 Marketing Mistakes New Businesses Make

    … businesses make. Mistake #1: Focus on the Wrong Metrics The sheer volume of data available to analyze marketing today is mindboggling. Google Analytics, by itself, provides so much data that you can eat up an entire weekend analyzing it – only to discover it ultimately leads to contradictory conclusions depending on what data you prioritize. And that’s…

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  • B2B Marketing Trends 2016: B2B Marketing Ideas for the Future

    … 2015 is now well and truly behind us, and the world of B2B marketing in 2016 has started with a bang. B2B businesses need to get off to a good start in the New Year, and one of the best ways to do that is to create a holistic marketing strategy that incorporates some newer trends that other businesses aren’t willing to take chances on using…

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  • Are You Delivering the Best Content Your Audience Wants?

    … for a fancy survey tool. Now, before you take off to create your own survey, will you please take my survey about repurposing your content? I’ll be so grateful and I will then be able to deliver the content you want in order to grow your business. Thank you! The post Are You Delivering the Best Content Your Audience Wants? appeared first on Online Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs | Denise Wakeman. …

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  • Predicting the Major Marketing Trends of 2016 (Infographic)

    … Column Five Media has partnered with Microsoft to reveal the marketing trends it expects to see in 2016. An infographic highlights key technologies which will likely be popular next year, including the Oculus Rift and HoloLens, as well as wearable tech devices and more. Microsoft expects to see new and improved search engines integrated…

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  • Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2015: Black Friday Edition

    … It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for email marketing. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday barely behind us, the holiday shopping season has officially kicked off. When we weren’t cashing in on our favorite deals this past weekend, we were keeping track of some of the greatest email marketing campaigns that filled up our…

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  • Motivational Quotes – Love Them or Hate Them? [Poll]

    … Motivational Quotes – Love Them or Hate Them? [Poll] By Denise Wakeman Leave a Comment You see them everywhere, in the newsfeed or stream of nearly every social network… motivational quotes. Often the quotes are overlaid on a beautiful image that helps tell the story or convey the bigger message of the quote. And, I confess. I create quote…

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