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    • Voice to Video, Purpose to Personalization: Top Marketing Trends for 2018

      There is no question that 2017 was an incredible year for marketing. 2017 was also a record breaking year for our marketing agency, TopRank Marketing. We added 15 new amazingly talented staff and had the largest increase in client programs and new customer engagements than any year before. While we’ve seen much success with B2B influencer and content marketing programs, it is ...

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  • Digital Trends For Marketing 2018

    … Top rated business owners always start their new year resolution by planning their year ahead of time. Once your budget 2018 is set up, you will need to get started with preparing your best strategy for 2018. You have to make selection that can offer you with best conversion rates. To plan your best marketing strategies you need to go through…

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  • 10 Profound digital marketing trends to you need to know about now

    … year will hold for us. Let’s look beyond the obvious trends at some developments percolating below the surface that will impact marketing in 2018 and beyond. Hopefully these are some new ideas for the marketing trend grist mill … let me know what you think! 1) The hyper-empowered consumer Marketing strategies and marketing departments change very…

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  • 7 Tips for Injecting Tighter Prose Into Marketing Materials

    … paragraph. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep your paragraphs to 250-300 words. They don’t need to be that exact number. The main idea is to make them brief to keep readers engaged so they’ll continue to the next paragraph. Here’s an awesome example from B2B Marketing Agency, Velocity Partners. Each paragraph is only 2 lines, but the copy hits…

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  • 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

    … printing will revolutionize marketing by creating entirely new business models. The goal of marketing is value creation and customer acquisition and perhaps there is no greater impact on this than the revolution in how we deliver products to customers. Laura Kessler believes this might be the most important trend in business today: “Through new…

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  • Shifting the Focus From Reinvention to Optimization in 2017

    … This is not your typical "trends" post for the New Year. While every marketing guru proclaims 2017 as being - at last - the year of Augmented Reality, I've chosen to focus on some of the proven tactics that are often overlooked. Don't start another blog. Instead, start a podcast. Yes, podcasts are hard to get off the ground. Yes, your audience…

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  • Video Trends that Hoteliers Should Look Out For

    … interactive and informative than text or still photos. So what kind of videos are your potential customers interested in? And what do you have to do to reach those customers? Let’s walk through what is trending and how to utilize these trends to market your hotel. Emphasis on Video Video content has been an ongoing trend for a while, but demand…

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  • Personalized Marketing and The Key to the Me Generation

    … your brand stay on top of the competition and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace? The answer: a hyper-focused, tactical, personalized marketing strategy that will make your business stand out. Defining the “Me Generation” Millennials are often referred to as the “me generation” but the truth is that across every generation we’re all…

    ROI Factor Blogin Google- 33 readers -
  • Influencer marketing: where we’re headed in 2017

    … Early in 2016, we promised that this would be the year that influencer marketing would become mainstream. We wrote about the progress that influencer marketing made in 2016, but as a marketer, you always need to be looking forward to be prepared for what the future holds. So what direction can we expect influencer marketing to take in 2017…

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  • 10 Stats That Will Shape Your 2017 SEO Strategy

    … heat. But no matter where you live, if you’re a marketer, chances are your vision has shifted toward Q4, the year ahead, and your 2017 SEO strategy. As you well know, 2016 was a volatile year for search engine optimization and marketing. Wrought with changes in Google’s algorithm, advances in voice search and keyword strategy, and the continued…

    Relevancein SEO- 27 readers -
  • How to Achieve Bestseller Status with Your First Book

    … explore any marketing they have. There are lots of book awards you can apply for too. Everyone likes a book that has won something and that’s an easy promote. I do book signings as well which moves hard copies of my book as well as generates leads for my email list. You can be very creative in marketing a book and what worked last year may…

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  • Why the Performance Fee Model Is On Its Way to Extinction – Part 2

    … Last week we addressed part one of this topic and looked at the history of the performance fee model and why it’s causing so many issues today. This week we’ll touch on five trends that are very likely to bring an end to this common network fee model. New challenges with the Performance Fee Model Here are five trends that threaten to bring…

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  • Brand Strategy: Leveraging Current Events & Marketing Trends

    …, there have been similar trends in the past that brands have capitalized on. here are some of my favorite examples that demonstrate brands leveraging pop culture themes for campaigns and marketing strategies. Virgin The passing of the same-sex marriage bill was a landmark event in the UK in 2013, welcomed by the public and many politicians. UK-based…

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  • Six thought-provoking and profound marketing trends

    … in our new podcast are: Why “viral” is more is more viral that ever and how Facebook Live will become the ultimate in reality TV and a revolution in journalism. Why self-driving cars will dramatically change our behaviors and unleash new personal productivity. The economic battle for your business may get down to music, movies, books…

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