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  • You Just Launched a Book. Now What?

    …, why they did (or didn’t) market their book in a certain way, how much they spent on book production and promotion, etc. Fans enjoy all this transparency because it further humanizes the author. Further, to the sub-set of fans that want to follow in their footsteps, this type of content is gold. Big media sites like love these articles…

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  • The 9 Must-Haves for a High-Performing Book Launch Page

    … Back with the second installment in this three part series on book launch pages, Ben De Rienzo and the team outline the key ingredients to make your book page sizzle! Book launch pages are all the rage these days among authors, and for good reason—they capture reader attention and catapult book sales. Jason SurfrApp launched his…

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  • Want to Launch Your Book With a Bang? Then You Need This.

    … Want to start marketing your book in less than 10 minutes? I’ve asked Ben De Rienzo, co-founder and designer at, to share his expert tips and insights on how writers can use this one simple tool to build buzz and drive their book sales–and it can be set up in minutes. Want to know what it is? Keep reading! You’ve worked hard…

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