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    • 7 Warning Signs of Failed Marketing and What You Can Do About It

      Admit it…you’ve wondered. You are marketing and marketing and tweaking. Your team says they like what you are doing, but you’re not getting results. Sales leads are barely trickling in. Those leads that are coming through are low quality, and you are losing sleep over the situation. Maybe you need to be patient and give it more time.

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    • 4 Marketing Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Business Down

      4 Marketing Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Business Down October 20, 2016 By Aakash Patel Leave a Comment The hardest part of running a business is getting your target customers to know that you exist. It does not matter how good your product or service is. As long as you are not visible to your potential customers, they might never get a chance to try your offering or tell ...

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    • How Empathy Marketing Shows Your Readers and Customers You Care

      Your head spins with confusion. What could possibly help you acquire marketing results—no matter which online products and services you offer? It’s an ability wildly successful entrepreneurs who are serving an audience (readers, viewers, customers) have mastered. Writing content readers can’t stop reading, bonding with readers, selling as a natural step, and standing out fr ...

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  • What Can Brands Learn from Logo Design Fails?

    … We are bombarded by around 3500 marketing messages a day. Yet according to the Guardian, 99% of these make no impact on us. Marketers and brand owners strive to become part of the 1% that engage audiences and get us to look up from our busy lives. However, sometimes it’s important to be careful what we want. Many famous brands have…

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  • Why Visual Storytelling Makes for Powerful Marketing

    … Visual storytelling through videos and photographs can strengthen your inbound marketing strategy. Visual media is crucial to capturing the attention of people in a culture characterized by the desire for instant gratification. Images are highly suited to such a mentality because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than…

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  • What PewDiePie Can Teach You About Video Marketing

    … where he is pleased that he has 100 subscribers: He had no idea what was to come. All he knew was that he was doing something he enjoyed and was glad to connect with at least some people. The lesson you can learn here is that the best YouTube marketing is always driven by your passions. You need to put time into figuring out who your audience…

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  • Why Your Business Needs a Thriving Online Community [and how to get started]

    … As a business owner, can you think of anything more wonderful than a thriving online community of fans who love your business and can’t wait to make purchases? Apple, Nike, and Volkswagen are all examples of companies that have built enthusiastic communities. The Internet is now the main thoroughfare through which like-minded people connect…

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  • GetResponse Reveals Powerful New Online Marketing Tool Any SMB Can Afford

    … businesses from implementing automation. All-In-One Online Marketing Automation Tool Those that have usually piece together multiple solutions. GetResponse has recently changed all that with their new integration of marketing automation into their all-in-one online marketing platform. New All-in-one online marketing tool from GetResponse integrates…

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  • Small Business Marketing Advice for Knife Sellers Like BucknBear Knives

    … business. Marketing Advice for BucknBear Knives The easiest way to grow your business is to get visibility where your potential customers are already active. Just because you can’t advertise does not mean you can’t reach people via Google and Facebook. Look for groups or individuals who have a relevant following. Read on to find out how. How…

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  • What Factors Make Advertising Cost Effective?

    … is it that is effective about that advertising? Is it the pictures? Is it the words? Is it the location? What about the strategy? Can you call it strategy when the little signs are placed x number of miles or feet from the next sign with a progressively increasing sense of urgency that you take advantage of the service (or that you desperately need the service…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Your Prospect Did Not Buy What You Are Selling

    … B2B business and the chances are their database is completely useless because the leads are from customers who are only vaguely related to your niche. You need to be laser-targeting the customers you pass on to the sales team. Your marketing team may be concentrating entirely on the number of leads they are generating, but in reality…

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  • 5 Experts Share Their Worst Marketing Pitfalls

    … mistake to become an expert. In fact, you shouldn’t! Here’s why… Mistakes cost too much Mistakes slow you down and delay your success Making a mistake is an unexpected cost; it’s an unexpected delay; it’s an unpleasant surprise… Anyway, enough with my wise speech… I have 5 marketing experts here for you today and they are going to share…

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  • Branded Merchandise Is Great for Businesses Both Big and Small

    … Branded Merchandise Is Great for Businesses Both Big and Small December 19, 2015 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment While branded merchandise is often thought of as a marketing option for larger businesses only, it can also be exceedingly helpful to small companies looking to boost name recognition. Branded merchandise can also shore up customer…

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  • What Star Wars Can Teach Marketers About Design [Infographic]

    … With the new Star Wars movie scheduled to hit theatres on December 18th, I figured it would make a great opportunity to finally sit down and plough through the movies. That’s right, I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies before. When I popped on Episode 4: A New Hope, I have to admit I was not blown away by the story or by the acting…

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  • 5 Essential Infographic Design Tips For Content Marketers

    … Content marketers of 2015 have to keep up with a substantial amount of work. There is an ongoing demand for original and quality content that engages one’s audience, and in the past few years, the infographic has become one of the leading forms of content for user engagement. In fact, according to Google Trends, by November of 2016, infographics…

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  • 6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Beyond a Rewards Program

    …, they, for a fact, do not effectuate absolute loyalty. Brands are laying too much emphasis on rewards and offers, forgetting about the user experience altogether. Click To Tweet The result: an environment where brands and consumers, both, live in a state of discontent. This is because of the following reasons: Consumers expect greater value, and more points…

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