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    • How to Leverage the Benefits of Drop Shipping and Instagram

      If you are considering getting into the world of e-commerce, there are two aspects of the industry you should seriously consider. One is drop shipping, and the other is Instagram marketing. Photo by Bench Accounting What Is Drop Shipping? You might not be familiar with the term “drop shipping.” The reason why is likely because there’s no need for customers to be aware that drop ...

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    • 12 Marketing Tools and Practices for Healthcare Professionals

      Marketing is a necessary tool for the success of your business. Healthcare, like all other services or product providers, is a business. Marketing tools, when used effectively, can increase your return on investment (ROI). Marketing can also enhance your brand image and expand your customer base. Here are the top 12 marketing tools and ideas that can give your practice the kickstart it needs.

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    • 5 Steps to Obtain Success in Digital Marketing

      When starting a new business, you need to come up with effective marketing strategies in order to obtain success in digital marketing. As you are striving for progress in your venture, digital marketing could be the best solution for leading to business growth. Digital marketing might be new to you and might be difficult for you too.

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  • 10 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider as B2B Content Marketer

    … Are you a content marketer? Do you know how effective your marketing techniques are? Well, it is essential that you take advantage of marketing metrics. Marketing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are awesome ways to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Some marketing metrics are generally not effective. Having…

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  • 15 Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Consider

    … and to ensure you’re not moving backward, here are 15 content marketing statistics that will help you with your content marketing struggles. 1. 93% of B2B Marketers Use Content Marketing (Source: Content Marketing Institute) The majority of B2B marketers now prefer content marketing to formal traditional advertising. The reason why is probably that it’s…

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  • 5 Ways Long-Form Content Is Going to Kick Your Butt in 2017

    … Fluff bloggers beware: a 2017 study from Point Visible found that long-form content generates more than 9 times the leads that short blogs posts do. This statistic challenges a long-held assumption in the marketing world: short content is better because it better accommodates the short attention span of web users. And sure, it’s still true…

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  • Why You Need to Utilize Brand-Driven Storytelling

    … to convey these ideas.” So What Exactly Is a Brand Story? Digital marketing agency Custom Fit Online defines “brand story” as the complete narrative that surrounds a business. Your brand story shows not only how you do business but also why you do it in the first place. It shows how you’re uniquely qualified to help solve your customers’ problems. It’s…

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  • 5 Personalized Marketing Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business

    … Personalized marketing is an exciting burgeoning strategy that, unfortunately, not many companies do very well. Aside from Amazon and Google, the history of personalized marketing is peppered with growing pains that have not reflected well on the companies involved. An example is when a few years back, Shutterfly sent out tons of emails…

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  • Marketing With Instagram: It is Very Doable!

    … You like Instagram. At least, you think you like Instagram. You use it currently, or you are thinking of using it more often. Image by Deborah Anderson from graphic (used by permission) But, is it something that is suitable for business? How do you get some sort of ROI (return on investment) with Instagram? Fortunately, those answers…

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  • You’ve Got Texts: How Texting Can Help Grow Your Business

    … Most entrepreneurs would do almost anything to get the word out about their businesses. Running your own company is more than a job—it’s a passion. It’s a dream come true. But it’s also a lot of work. The hype behind social media marketing and email marketing is real, despite the unfortunate truth that not everyone knows how to utilize those…

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  • Why Influencer Marketing Is Both Powerful and Hazardous

    … Reaching consumers, especially 20-somethings, is increasingly difficult because of television’s waning marketing power. Photo by Mathias Jensen So say Sarah Frier and Matthew Townsend of Bloomberg. The result of TV’s irrelevancy is that marketers have turned to social media in order to target this sought-after demographic. And one powerful way…

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  • Have You Incorporated Animation Into Your Content Marketing Plan?

    …. Purchase the videos and animations (choose from;; or PLR videos, preferably limited edition). Hire a professional to create the animation or video for you. How Do You Use Animation in Your Branding Efforts? Understanding how to use animation in marketing isn’t as difficult as is seems. There are many ways to utilize…

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  • How to Effectively Run Split Testing to Find Big Wins

    … The volume of data available to help businesses make actionable insights is on the rise. This spike in information has gotten many marketers to turn to split testing to improve their online sales. Tools such as Optimizely and VWO make it easy for individuals with non-technical backgrounds to create and run tests with ease. However, if you…

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  • Marketing Automation: A False Hope for Small Businesses?

    … You might have heard the term “marketing automation” being thrown around. The “automation” part sounds seductive. After all, who doesn’t want to automate parts of their business, not to mention marketing? So what is marketing automation? One of the major marketing automation vendors, Marketo, defines it as “a category of software…

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  • 5 Tricks to Generate More Leads for Your Business

    … In an article on the Shopify blog, marketing expert Jacqueline Biggs once talked about the 10% strategy. The 10% strategy is the process of making small, incremental changes to your marketing plan. These changes can bring in a significant increase in profits or savings over the long term. This strategy is also effective in the lead generation…

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  • How to Unlock the Potential of Visual Content Marketing

    … Most business owners are not writers, yet a website needs content. How do you get around this dilemma? Think **around** the brick wall. Content writing is so much more than writing blog posts. Neil Patel gives an excellent definition of content marketing – it’s all about telling stories. And you can tell stories in 1,007 different ways…

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  • 10 Actionable Steps to Convert Your Website into a Lead Generation Tool

    … A business website is a powerful online channel for reaching out to potential customers. Investing in a website is worthless if it’s not acquiring you enough leads and conversions. Here are 10 actionable steps for converting your website into a powerful lead generation tool. 1. Blog Subscription You first need to ensure that you have a business…

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