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    • How to Unlock the Potential of Visual Content Marketing

      Most business owners are not writers, yet a website needs content. How do you get around this dilemma? Think **around** the brick wall. Content writing is so much more than writing blog posts. Neil Patel gives an excellent definition of content marketing – it’s all about telling stories. And you can tell stories in 1,007 different ways.

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    • 10 Actionable Steps to Convert Your Website into a Lead Generation Tool

      A business website is a powerful online channel for reaching out to potential customers. Investing in a website is worthless if it’s not acquiring you enough leads and conversions. Here are 10 actionable steps for converting your website into a powerful lead generation tool. 1. Blog Subscription You first need to ensure that you have a business blog.

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    • 5 Tricks to Generate More Leads for Your Business

      In an article on the Shopify blog, marketing expert Jacqueline Biggs once talked about the 10% strategy. The 10% strategy is the process of making small, incremental changes to your marketing plan. These changes can bring in a significant increase in profits or savings over the long term. This strategy is also effective in the lead generation process.

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  • 3 Instagram Marketing Strategies You Need to Consider

    … for brands. It is visual, and therefore well-suited to advertising products to a visual society. There are many Instagram marketing strategies we could consider. But here I’d like to focus on the importance of influencer and content marketing, as well as touch on Instagram’s new business platform. 1. Influencer Marketing on Instagram We’ll get…

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  • 5 Sales and Marketing Tips Any Startup Will Find Helpful

    … We all know that when it comes to sales and marketing, startups face a lot of limitations, particularly in respect to their budgets. In addition to budget constraints, there are the limitations of manpower and the lack of experience and qualified professionals to look after the marketing wing. Most startups invariably encounter these stumbling…

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  • Kajabi vs. Thinkific: An LMS Head-to-Head Review

    … The world gets smaller every day, and we all have to do everything we can to keep up with the ever-changing times. Gone are the days when people would walk in your front door asking you to take on an apprentice. These days, people can do everything online—even teach. Enter the Learning Management Systems, or LMS. The future of e-learning, LMS…

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  • 5 Components That Truly Define “Topical Authority” for Webmasters in 2017

    … All business owners want topical authority in their fields. Having “topical authority” means you’re regarded as an expert in a specific area. Website owners can leverage topical authority to improve inbound marketing and SEO efforts. According to Mark Schmukler, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Brand Strategist at Sagefrog Marketing Group…

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  • 7 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Build Qualified Leads

    … to attract new and unique visitors to your other platforms. That way you can get more mileage out of the time and effort you’ve already put into other marketing programs. Host a Contest Hold a contest in which you ask users to create pinboards on their own accounts to demonstrate what they love about your products, business, brand or services…

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  • GetResponse vs. Infusionsoft: Which Marketing Solution Is Better for You?

    …%). What’s more, email is much cheaper than Facebook or Google advertising, and it acquires far more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. Of course, email marketing is merely one key aspect of all you can do for your digital marketing online. GetResponse vs. Infusionsoft In this post I’d like to compare two digital marketing solutions…

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  • Stepping Up CRM for Your Financial Services Company

    … With the diversification of financial services, customers have multiple options from which to choose. Switching between companies is now almost effortless. This ability has made exemplary customer relationship management (CRM) absolutely imperative. The need for a fail-proof CRM is now all the more urgent. Most financial services organizations…

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Brand Your Business Like Writing a Novel

    … and whit. But that was a long time ago, in a land far, far away. Your branding doesn’t seem to shine as much these days. Your message doesn’t have that energy it once had and you’ve noticed your competitors are now using your talking points to promote their own work. What’s missing? How did this happen? Why isn’t it working? Is your epic marketing…

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  • 4 Marketing Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Business Down

    … and benchmarking the performance of your campaign across these different geographies. Failing to measure performance can lead to wasteful expenditure which can be a ‘make or break’ point for your business. The following two tabs change content below. Aakash Patel Aakash Patel is a marketing consultant and blogger on inbound marketing. He has a veteran and is among the first inbound marketing consultants in Asia. Latest posts by Aakash Patel (see all) …

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  • How Empathy Marketing Shows Your Readers and Customers You Care

    … Your head spins with confusion. What could possibly help you acquire marketing results—no matter which online products and services you offer? It’s an ability wildly successful entrepreneurs who are serving an audience (readers, viewers, customers) have mastered. Writing content readers can’t stop reading, bonding with readers, selling…

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  • 7 Warning Signs of Failed Marketing and What You Can Do About It

    … is usually measured by how much you help the bottom line. We could be talking about email marketing, trade shows, internet ads, inbound marketing, landing pages, or webinars. In all those areas, people measure ROI by how much those strategies contribute to sales. You therefore need a system in place that can measure results. A marketer knows from…

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  • What Can Brands Learn from Logo Design Fails?

    … We are bombarded by around 3500 marketing messages a day. Yet according to the Guardian, 99% of these make no impact on us. Marketers and brand owners strive to become part of the 1% that engage audiences and get us to look up from our busy lives. However, sometimes it’s important to be careful what we want. Many famous brands have…

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