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  • What is multi-channel selling and should you do it?

    … Have you heard of multi-channel selling? If diversification is the key to keeping your investment money safe in the stock market, a pivotal role in your background experience in obtaining that dream job, and even the best way to ensure strength in a gene pool, then why not as part of your e-commerce business plan? As business owners…

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  • What is a Line Sheet and Why You Need One

    … What is a line sheet? Do you even need one? Can it really help you increase sales or is that an urban legend? Well, a line sheet is an essential for e-commerce store owners and if you sell a product, you do need a line sheet. But first let’s bust some myths about what is a line sheet: Line sheets aren’t only for those in fashion. Product…

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  • Effective Email Marketing: Subject Lines that Increase Click-Throughs and Sales

    … for at least 2 and do a split test. With most email marketing systems, this is super easy to set up. Track your open and click through rates for different emails every month. Make note of what worked and replicate that. Use your business name and, if you’d like, pair it with your personal name. Example, “Mathew from BostonCorp” or something like…

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  • How to Write a Product Description that does the Selling for You

    …” the product without holding it in their hands, feeling it, tasting it or smelling it? So, yes, the struggle is real. While I share a full-blown module on writing a product description that help your store to stand out in Your Ultimate Online Store, I wanted to share some of the key pointers that you must keep in mind when crafting descriptions…

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