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  • ‘Programmatic is a relatively dumb system’: IBM wants to use blockchain to clean up media

    … Programmatic has become the norm when it comes to media buying, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws. But the hot technologies of blockchain and artificial intelligence could fix the issues. For IBM, that’s the goal. “One thing we’ve been thinking a lot about is how blockchain is going to affect media buying and how much fraud and waste…

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  • Financial institutions have a growing interest in influencer marketing

    … and cater to the 18- to 34-year-old cohort, according to agency executives. “Financial services is a tough category, but one I think would be of interest to millennials and women,” said Holly Pavlika, svp of marketing and content for influencer agency Collective Bias, which is pitching several banks. “Education is a huge need in the category around…

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  • On Instagram, Nike posts less content but gains more mentions

    Instagram is quickly becoming Nike’s go-to social network. The brand uploaded over a third of its social content to its global @nike and London @nikelondon Instagram accounts last year, while more than half went to Twitter and 13 percent went to Facebook, according to social analytics firm Share Creative.

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  • Amazon to agencies: Alexa is the future, but we’re going slow on voice ads

    … Amazon invited an agency executive to learn Alexa’s product road map at the company’s Seattle headquarters last spring. The major themes from multiple meetings with Alexa product managers throughout the day were how Amazon could direct individuals to discover and further use Alexa skills through the conversational interface; and what a paid model…

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  • Why beauty brand pop-ups are primarily event spaces, not stores

    … For beauty brands, pop-up stores aren’t about product. Some of them don’t even carry physical inventory. Instead, they’ve become event spaces. Frequently seen on the schedules at these industry pop-ups are hair and makeup masterclasses, influencer appearances, fitness classes, panels and Q&A sessions. “As brands shift their marketing…

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  • The Off-White guide to the new diffusion line

    … in mall stores all over America, lost its cachet quickly. “If Abloh wanted to partner with a mass retailer, sell his brand and pocket half a million dollars, he could do that easily,” said Wu. “This isn’t what’s happening. He’s following the marketing and release of any streetwear brand, including Supreme.” The smartest part of Abloh’s diffusion…

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  • Chase is rolling out advice-driven ‘Express’ branches next month

    … banks has made significant investment in expansion of physical capacity in key markets around the country,” Steven Reider, founder and president of the marketing and branch-planning adviser Bancography. “Chase is distinct from any of its top 10 peers in terms of its willingness to enter a new market and expand branch networks aggressively. Read the full story on The post Chase is rolling out advice-driven ‘Express’ branches next month appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • Move over DMP, DSP and SSP, CDP is ad tech’s hot new acronym

    … is being defined, John Matthews, managing director for Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips who advises on company exits, thinks CDPs will likely become acquisition targets for ad tech companies this year to underpin their targeting capabilities with richer and more unified targeting data, given the convergence of ad tech and marketing tech, with crossover merger…

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  • Confessions of a retail exec: We use Amazon as a ‘dumping ground’

    … on marketing it would be crazy. The way they’ve structured ecosystem is you almost have to advertise to do anything. I don’t have a lot of hopes for Amazon for us. In the U.S., it’s way more exciting for me to think about another platform. I think of Amazon as a bazaar. The post Confessions of a retail exec: We use Amazon as a ‘dumping ground’ appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • Google is using CES to catch up to Amazon in battle of voice assistants

    It’s impossible to avoid Google in Las Vegas this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company has a massive tent (complete with a slide and a ball pit) at the convention center; it has countless digital “Hey Google” billboards and other ads for Google Home and Google Assistant all over the Strip; and it even hired staffers to direct people to various Google events and me ...

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  • Sky chases social video budgets for World Cup

    … Sky can’t make money from football fans watching this year’s World Cup on TV, but the broadcaster will try to make money from how they follow the tournament online. World Cups have always been somewhat of a moot point for Sky. Football’s biggest event must be shown on free-to-air channels in the U.K. due to strict regulations, meaning…

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