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  • Speed-to-market: How luxury brands are picking up the pace of production cycles

    … In luxury fashion, speed matters more than ever. Labels like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Helmut Lang, Burberry and Rag & Bone — all brands that could once call the shots around trends and fashion cycles — are adopting new strategies focused on increased flexibility and faster-paced production windows, in order to adapt to increasing…

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  • Blockchain won’t change the world — at least not in 2018

    … For what’s basically database technology, a lot of company leaders sure treat blockchain like some sort of panacea. It will decrease fraud everywhere from fashion to advertising to financial transactions. It’ll save everyone money. It’ll give everyone the same unchangeable record to view, putting everyone on the same page and making work more…

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  • How Volkswagen is using artificial intelligence for ad buying decisions

    …, it sells more cars than it would have if it had gone with its media agency’s recommendation, according to Lutz Kothe, the head of marketing and PR for Volkswagen’s passenger cars. Kothe said his team uses Blackwood Seven’s algorithm to buy the right ads based on sales. Defining a role for the AI platform, however, has taken Volkswagen a while. Two…

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  • GDPR is coming, and data management platforms are in the crosshairs

    … Data management platforms play an increasingly important role in helping digital marketers find high-value audiences, largely based on third-party data collection without much transparency. But with the General Data Protection Regulation being enforced in May, DMPs may face a tough battle to obtain third-party data. DMPs mainly process third…

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  • For fashion brands, 2018 will be the year of the ‘influencer roster’

    … The Instagramming and unboxing mass of inspirational lifestyle gurus known as influencers are only becoming increasingly central to the marketing strategies of fashion and luxury brands in 2018. There are still frustrations, as brands figure out how to track the results of campaigns and sponsored posts, including conversions and the value…

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  • Why beauty brands keep investing in chatbots, despite growing pains

    … Although the fashion industry has struggled with its chatbot strategy, beauty brands are placing more confidence in the technology. Brands including Sephora, Estée Lauder and L’Oréal have all rolled out chatbots in the last year, with more planning to launch in the coming months, including Coty and at least four undisclosed brands partnering…

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  • With GDPR looming, key compliance questions still remain

    … and relevancy without intruding on their privacy.” Now that larger advertisers like L’Oréal, Panasonic and Lloyds Bank have a firmer grip on how their data is collected and managed, their marketing teams are focused on communicating the value people get in return for sharing their data. Due to the amount of publicity the GDPR will get in May…

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  • SPI 299: The Humble Beginnings of Hmong Baby

    … Baby click after other ventures didn't pan out. The simple way Hmong Baby started: without a landing page or website! How a giveaway campaign to boost Hmong Baby's email list went wrong. How a single Facebook video saved Hmong Baby's ecommerce launch. How ManyChat and Facebook Messenger boosted Hmong Baby's success. How Mykou and Touger…

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