Marketing is "the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. " For business to consumer marketing it is "the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships, in order to capture value from customers in return". For business to business marketing it is creating value, solutions, and relationships either short term or long term with a company or brand. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments.
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  • With GDPR looming, DSPs are under pressure to adapt

    … With the General Data Protection Regulation being enforced in May, demand-side platforms need to figure out how to target users without relying on personal data. DSPs that are unable to adapt to the new rules are likely to lose market share and suffer a similar fate as the programmatic platforms that were late to adopt header bidding. The GDPR…

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  • How Kiehl’s is using text messages and AI to keep customers loyal

    Kiehl’s is using artificial intelligence and text messaging in its fight against Amazon. The cosmetics brand, which does the majority of its business through its own Kiehl’s-branded stores and on, is now using text messaging as a way to keep customers coming back. Working with a company called OrderGroove, the company is defending its market share by creating text- ...

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  • The state of AI in marketing in 5 charts

    … According to a Salesforce study from July, about half of the 3,500 marketing leaders surveyed are already using AI, and more than a quarter of these leaders are planning to pilot AI programs in the next two years. Using AI for media buying is one of the strongest use cases for AI. Marketers believe AI can improve targeting and personalization when…

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  • Gatorade is kicking off a livestreaming video series on Twitter

    Twitter is making a big push into livestreaming video, but most of these efforts have been with media companies like Bloomberg Media and BuzzFeed. This week, however, it’ll kick off a live series by Gatorade, centered on high school basketball recruits. The show, called “#TheDebut,” will start Jan.

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  • Advertisers see merits of the Facebook algorithm change

    … content within their overall content strategy,” he said. Steve Buors, CEO and co-founder for digital marketing agency Reshift Media, believes Facebook’s new algorithm will push brands to think less about what the company’s point of view and focus more on what their audience cares about, which will create opportunities for advertisers. “Facebook…

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  • Lingua programmatica: The IAB is trying to standardize ad tech’s messy terminology

    … the same terms and definitions will make it easier for advertisers, publishers and vendors to transfer and use large data sets. The IAB opened the spec last week for public comment. Vendors use their own lingo to describe their data to stand out among the clustered Lumascape. This creates confusion, but the intention of tech firms’ marketing isn’t…

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  • Why bitcoin is not taking off as a payment method

    … to figure out how to pay taxes on their bitcoin transactions and holdings. Using cash or cards is just faster and cheaper. And for retailers — like KFC, who added bitcoin support throughout its Canadian locations last week — entertaining the price fluctuation is just a marketing scheme. “I don’t think using bitcoin [to pay] solves a problem…

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  • Brands are bringing influencer marketing in-house

    … Marketers have realized that influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon. As they spend more and more ad dollars on it, many brands have started creating internal influencer marketing teams to take more control over their relationships with social stars and campaign performance. “Brands building in-house influencer marketing teams…

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  • Programmatic boosters admit to the industry facing a trust issue

    … can’t reconcile what’s going on, we will take money out of the system.” Another presenter, Louis Paskalis, svp of customer engagement and investment for Bank of America, described programmatic as “the single worst thing that happened to advertising and only salvation for the future of marketing” because it promises to generate the highest yield…

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  • 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing

    … An in-depth analysis of the 4 pillars of digital marketing. Includes definitions, data, charts and tips to help you improve your company's marketing plans. The post 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing appeared first on Heidi Cohen. …

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