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    • Three ideas to end the social media poison

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Divisive politics span across the globe, robotization threatens to replace millions of workers, geo-conflicts throw people at each other. The future seems so uncertain. The present seems so … harsh. Flipping through your favorite news channels is starting to look like the billboard chart of nightmares.

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  • Three strategies to take the heat out of customer conflict

    … conflict, so I want to share the tips I’ve learned from my battles. 1) Work on a common goal and repeat it You can save most client relationships from going southern sour by setting up a good agreement which clarifies your mutual goals. I start this process by asking specific questions: What do you expect from me? What do you like about my art…

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  • Three New Year Business Resolutions You Should Steal

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’ve watched a volley of Youtube videos about making New Year’s business resolutions and realized they’re… A) too complex and cumbersome to follow through B) too focused on specific measures which you can’t control Without further ado and blahblah, let’s kick-off 2017 with a bang of viable…

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  • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

    … to survive and thrive in the online world. Goodbye website For the longest time, I have believed that your personal website was the most important part of your online presence. The holy grail. The mother base of all missions. Every social media network and blog was a means to drive traffic to your self-hosted site, where the real conversion of clients…

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  • 5 Marketing Lessons I learned from the dystopian “Black Mirror”

    … people abusing technology to ruin their lives. Hence, it’s just like our social media world:) Below, I’ve revealed my top five lessons I’ve extracted from the hauntingly real dystopian hit series, spoiler free of course: Becoming technology’s tool In “The Entire History of You” episode, citizens wear their ‘smartphones’ as implants behind…

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  • 5 questions you should ask yourself every day before bed

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’m a vampire. No, not the solar-phobic Transylvanian bloodsucker with his campy cape, but the graveyard worker who spends all night hitting the keyboard and dropping into bed when the first sun rays sneak through my curtains. You see, I’m what the German government now calls the digital solo-self…

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  • Social media giants tighten their grip on small content producers

    …, it worked. Fast forward to 2016. Popular social media platforms have tightened their grip on user generated content. A few years ago, Facebook limited your business/fan page reach in exchange for payment. Twitter is excluding speakers it deems as controversial and is known for shadow-banning, e.g. making your tweets invisible to your followers…

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  • Four online business rules that don’t exist any more

    … consultant. A Canadian friend wanted to change his career and was interested in becoming a full-time copywriter. He simply declared his new “profession” on Facebook and attracted two writing deals straightaway. Of course he had practiced writing for years, but a single social media shoutout was all it took to jumpstart his copywriting career. During my…

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  • Five ideas: Constructive engagement in destructive times

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’m not a kind man. It’s hard for me to easily connect with people, as I prefer to live & work inside my creative cave. But whenever I hear about a tragedy and the killing of innocent people, no matter their ethnicity or job, it makes me hold still and ponder. With all the destruction going…

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  • 3 Business tips to make the second half of your 2016 count

    …) customers to drive sales. Tools change with time and can become useless, but value never goes out of business, only the delivery changes. Always remember the business you are REALLY in. Conclusion The second half of the year can be an ‘Ode to Joy’ for both yourself and your wallet. What seldom-heard tip can you share? Mars Dorian draws funky…

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  • 4 Lessons learned from super niche marketing

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist It’s frustrating to work your face off and release a product online that no one wants to buy. (X___X ) < That was me about two years ago, when I uploaded my first sci-fi book to Amazon where it vanished into the algorithm of the digital abyss. Disappointed but not defeated, I wrote my next book…

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  • 3 Social media lessons I learned from my painful hospital stay

    … the very recent past: 1-Scan Facebook and Twitter feeds 2-Stumble upon statement I (strongly) disagree with and get triggered 3-Engage in threaded debates I don’t know about you, but I have never changed my opinion because of a Facebook or Twitter debate, and I doubt I have changed anyone’s mind, either. A neighboring patient I talked…

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  • 3 Unusual networking lessons I’ve learned from improv

    … Tiger got abnormal results. Meow. I took his advice to heart and looked for ‘unusual’ methods to boost my networking skills. Inhaling blog posts and how-to books wasn’t enough, so I asked my folks in town. An American friend swooned over a guy from San Francisco who had once been working for Cirque de Soleil. She said the man was a creative…

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  • The business benefit of setting your knowledge free

    … that increase the marketplace and the number of opportunities for me as well? I personally answered that question with a big, fat, “yes” and became a proud internet missionary from that day on, spreading the gospel about blogging, online portfolios and social media networking. Below, I reveal my top three experiences and tips on how, and why, you…

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  • Personal business lessons from 2015 and what you can learn from them

    … when he says you always have to look for the long-term because it’s gonna eat the present. Lesson: Read blogs like Wired, FastCompany and {grow} or subscribe to YouTube channels like Dnews (Discovery) where you learn more about upcoming tech impacting your (work) life. As digital citizens and soon to be cyborgs, we should all minor in futurism…

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  • How a tweet from Shutterstock’s CEO changed the way I think about customer service

    … by Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist There have been a few online exchanges that have changed the way I do business. One such exchange happened recently, on November 24th, and I thought I’d share with you the lesson I learned. That day, with J-pop music blasting from my iMac speakers, I was working on a cover for my upcoming sci-fi…

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