Martech Games Ltd was a video game publisher active between 1982 and 1989.Martech was formed by David Martin and brother-in-law John Barry, initially under the name Software Communications Ltd under partnership with a firm of exporters. They were initially based at Bay Terrace, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex. BN24 6EE.David, a chemistry teacher and boardgame designer, first started programming with the school computers and moved onto the ZX Spectrum at home. This hobby eventually became a cottage industry, with software duplication and dispatch all handled from home.
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  • 3 European Martech Trends Affecting Brands in 2017

    … Across the UK, automation is taking over. Five years ago, for example, real-time bidding accounted for just 12 percent of online display advertising, according to the International Data Corporation. Last month, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK reported that almost three-quarters of UK digital display advertising is now bought programmatically…

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  • Why MarTech is a Strategic Imperative for Business Growth

    … and glean valuable and actionable insights from it. As such, the role of the marketer (and any marketing department) has evolved beyond creativity. It has become a strategic imperative for business growth by adding a layer of science and rigour to campaign analysis. There is no place to hide, but everywhere to grow. The Rise of Marketing…

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  • Here are Our Community’s Favorite Marketing Podcasts

    …. We believe in podcasting so much that we built out our own state-of-the-art podcast studio in downtown Indianapolis. To get you started, we asked our MarTech Community what their favorite podcasts were to get you started. Or if you’re already listening, to discover some new ones! Perpetual Traffic – Facebook Ads & paid media experts Keith…

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  • MarTech San Francisco | May 9-11, 2017

    … The MarTech conference is programmed by my good friend and conference chair Scott Brinker, who has been chronicling the rise of marketing technology and its impact on marketing strategy, management, and culture on his blog,, since 2008. He is the creator of the annual marketing technology landscape supergraphic, the industry…

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  • How Personalization Is Changing Content Marketing

    … Back in 2015, technology market researcher Gartner published a statistic that sent waves throughout the marketing world: By 2018, companies that have “fully invested in all types of personalization” will outsell companies that have not by 20 percent. Twenty percent is a big number, one that could mean the difference between beating your…

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  • Storytelling Is Not a Strategy

    … At the start of 2017, I made the shift from ad tech to martech. In the last decade, I had helped build and steward the brands of two successful ad tech firms recognized for their innovation and amazing cultures, but it was increasingly difficult to ignore the headwinds facing the old media model. The consumers had spoken, and they didn’t want…

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  • Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Here

    … to perform. Now, another technological breakthrough is on the horizon: artificial intelligence (AI). According to many experts, AI has the potential to be the most revolutionary technology since computing itself—and marketing is first in line for disruption. Should marketing leaders panic or celebrate? It depends on who you ask. The artificial…

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  • How Big Is Your Marketing Stack?

    … Every year, ChiefMartec publishes a chart of the marketing technology landscape, dotted with the vast library of industry players. In 2012, around 350 martech logos filled the poster. By 2016, that number had jumped to over 3,800, broken down into six main categories and 49 subdivisions. With nearly 4,000 options available, how many martech…

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