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    • Marketing automation tools compared: GetResponse, Marketo and HubSpot

      Due to the realities of today’s marketing environment — namely, content overload, multiple platforms and non-linear sales funnels — it’s no question that marketing automation tools can be incredibly helpful to modern-day businesses. By managing and streamlining data across multiple channels, businesses can keep their marketing strategies organized and running efficiently.

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    • The 3 things to look for in a customer-centric marketing tool

      Historically, marketing has been all about the product; however, today most marketing teams are striving to put the customer first. Of course, the teams still want to drive sales, but following the theory of “customer-centric marketing,” they now place the individual customer at the center of marketing design and delivery rather than the product.

      Jordan Elkind/ Marketing Land- 18 readers -
    • Marketing automation made easy

      Marketing automation, the experts say, is complex. It involves getting segmentation correct, maintaining a clean database and building complex nurture campaigns. Plus, a vast amount of content is needed to make it work. Given that only 25 percent of Fortune 500 B2B companies have adopted marketing automation, it leads one to believe the experts are indeed correct.

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  • Machu Picchu and martech: CMO lessons from the Inca Empire

    … and the mysterious Inca Empire. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Scott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a cloud-based, closed-loop marketing software provider, where he leads the company’s go…

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  • Three big, long-term predictions for the future of martech

    … for the long haul. And years from now, we can look back (maybe from the connected mini-fridge in our self-driving hovercrafts) and see just how close we came. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About…

    David Booth/ Marketing Land- 8 readers -
  • Don’t overlook your current customers with your ABM strategy

    … Account-based marketing is the new black for B2B marketers, who are leveraging the strategy at nearly every stage of the buying cycle to attract and engage targeted prospects. It’s an effective way to grow sales and speed up the cycle using data from both first- and third-party sources. However, B2B marketers are missing a huge opportunity…

    Marketing Land- 10 readers -
  • What’s more important than a B2B buyer’s lead score?

    … ignores them, then that relationship continues to fray even further. Marketing automation by itself doesn’t help you get better leads. That is still up to your creativity and strategy designing campaigns that attract prospects to your business. Bad marketing will still attract the wrong crowd. But marketing automation — and specifically lead scoring…

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  • Why contextual campaigns provide value across the enterprise

    … as amplification on shared media channels, leading to differentiation in the market. Unsurprisingly, contextual marketing begets contextual data, a massive (and complex) benefit to marketers, as well as to the organizations they work for. Organizational benefits Data about how, when, why and where consumers interact with brands and their products…

    Rebecca Lieb/ Marketing Land- 6 readers -
  • Go for the gold: Mastering cross-device marketing

    … The Rio Olympics broke records, but not just for athletic performance or medal counts. The 17-day event was trumpeted as the most ambitious media event in history, delivering an average total prime time audience of nearly 28 million viewers, one of the largest Olympic audiences in history. Viewers around the world were able to watch…

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  • Bringing ’90s nostalgia into a mobile world

    … If we take a look back at the names hitting the headlines over the past couple of months — Pokémon, Super Mario and Yahoo — something stands out: ’90s nostalgia is back in a big way. However, brands like these, when looking to bring those familiar names into the modern world, will quickly find the game has changed. This is the story of two…

    Josh Todd/ Marketing Land- 8 readers -
  • Oh no! ABM is resurfacing bad habits for B2B marketers

    … One of my favorite stops when I come to our company’s headquarters is a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, called “Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers.” In my world, this is a winning combination. (Don’t judge!) In the marketing world, “B2B & ABM” are quickly showing up as the magical combo on every menu in town. While account-based marketing…

    Marketing Land- 6 readers -
  • How the ‘average user’ has ruined e-commerce experiences

    … As consumers, we understand that every website we visit, as well as every interaction experienced on that site, is delivered as the result of untold hours of behind-the-scenes work. No website is an accident; everything has been tested thoroughly to deliver optimal outcomes, especially in online retail. The problem is that so much…

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  • Connecting the dots: How the customer data platform solves what ails marketers

    …) across marketing technologies. Whereas DMPs are primarily focused on ad tech use cases and acquisition (top of the funnel), the CDP is focused on martech use cases, with a sharp focus on driving conversion and customer loyalty engagement (activities in the middle of the marketing funnel). A CDP, in fact, can help power and accelerate DMP initiatives…

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  • Why sales chat needs to be part of your multi-channel strategy

    … Giving your site visitors the option to chat with a sales representative is a key driver in increasing revenues. If you don’t yet have live chat set up on your business website, then you’re missing out on major impact potential, both in terms of conversion optimization and loyalty marketing. Research indicates that 85 percent of US online…

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  • Can digital kill the television star?

    … We all know digital video is leaving its mark on television, but the jury is still out as to just how significantly it’s affected. TV still dominates in terms of viewership and ad spend, but data shows that consumer behaviors and marketing dollars are shifting. The driving forces behind these shifts seem to be that people today are managing…

    James Green/ Marketing Land- 10 readers -
  • When you buy marketing software, know that you are buying into an ecosystem

    … with the martech you already own. This will help reduce silos in your marketing organization. The average marketing technology stack contains 17 tools, so buying into an existing ecosystem helps ensure things work together. And the pool of choices just keeps increasing. The latest estimates indicate that there are nearly 4,000 marketing solutions available…

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