Martech: Predictive Marketing

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds predictive lead scoring from Versium to its B2B CRM

    … Versium’s visualization of a combined business and consumer predictive profile. Last month, Microsoft boosted its Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) system through a new alliance with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. This week, Microsoft and predictive analytics firm Versium are announcing a new integration that boosts the CRM’s…

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  • Optimove adds an intelligent agent for self-optimizing marketing campaigns

    … Marketing optimization at scale, as visualized on Optimove’s website Micro-segmenting marketing platform Optimove is the latest marketing tool to add an intelligent assistant. The Israeli company, founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City, has launched Optibot, which it describes as “the marketing industry’s first CRM [customer…

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  • With brains like Einstein’s, who needs marketers?

    … far among marketing/sales tools, it is only part of the wave. There may be running disputes as to what processes actually deserve the name “artificial intelligence,” but it’s clear that most marketing and sales tools offer or will offer one or more of these capabilities: predictive lead scoring to target the most likely customers predictive…

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  • Salesforce introduces Einstein — an AI layer for all its clouds

    … and computer vision applications for the company’s products. Of course, this is not Salesforce’s first instance of employing computer intelligence in its services. Last November, for instance, it added Predictive Scores and Predictive Audiences to its Marketing Cloud. The difference, Vice President of Product, Data and Analytics Leslie Fine told me via…

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  • Predictive scorer Infer launches “first account-based behavior scoring”

    … Infer’s visualization of its new Behavioral Account Scoring Infer makes its living by generating predictive scores about which individuals and accounts are likely to become or stay customers. This week, the Mountain View, California-based company enlarged its capabilities with what it described as the industry’s first behavior-only…

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  • 3 ways marketers can use speed to their advantage

    … conditions, marketing executives are building data-driven organizations and using technology to build responsive marketing departments. For example, predictive analytics provides marketers with an ability to proactively see things before they happen using sophisticated data models and data science talent. To respond thoughtfully and quickly to events…

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  • The evolution of marketing platforms: From automation to journeys

    … In the beginning, marketing automation platforms grew other channels and tools around their core of email marketing. The basic mode involved if/then rules: if a customer takes this action, show this response. But creating overlapping campaigns using if/then rules becomes very complicated very quickly, especially when you’re talking about…

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  • “First automated trend forecasting platform” predicted the Rainbow Bagel

    … in 2013: the rise of the minimalist lifestyle, the success of Chef Ray Garcia (who recently won a Chef of the Year award), and the trends of Millennials traveling solo and more women smoking cigars. Khoshgozaran suggested that such forecasting knowledge could be useful on many marketing fronts, such as a video network looking to create content…

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  • Startup Grey Jean launches AI-powered personalization platform

    … to assist geo-targeting and for helping to assemble general behavioral profiles. Many platforms these days promote their machine learning and/or artificial intelligence-driven personalization or predictive marketing capabilities, and their skill in delivering the next best offer. Boomtrain, for instance, uses machine learning for its predictive…

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  • Adobe pumps up its Marketing Cloud

    The Adobe Marketing Cloud logo, rendered as 3D A lot of clouds are changing their shapes this week. Following Salesforce’s updates yesterday to its Marketing Cloud, Adobe today unveiled at its Adobe Summit EMEA in London a variety of enhancements for its Marketing, Creative, and Document Clouds.

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