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    • When AI Fails Advertisers: Whitelisting & Programmatic Advertising

      Making sure an advertisement appears in the right place is harder now than it has ever been. New sites that publish content considered controversial, inflammatory, propogandic, or that otherwise do not align with the values of mainstream brands are created en masse everyday. In recent years, an alarming amount of this type of content has gone viral on social media, making th ...

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  • 4 Things Fantasy Football Can Teach You About PPC Management

    … touchdowns. Trust me when I say that the Google Adwords Manager never looks better than on a Tuesday morning after a loss. But rather than letting your PPC accounts serve solely as a distraction from your future destiny in a Draft Kings commercial, why not let them inform your fantasy football life and vice versa? There are many tactics that fantasy…

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  • How to Use Paid Social to Improve your Conversion Funnel

    …, products, and movies that they are prompted to engage with on their social media accounts. That makes for powerful advertising ammo. Identifying Paid Social Campaign Goals Given the level of audience granularity available, paid social is something that the Seer PPC team has increasingly been working with for our clients. My first large foray…

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  • Programmatic Advertising 101: How It Works

    … Programmatic advertising is growing increasingly in popularity amongst marketers as this disciple is estimated to account for 63% of the CPG display advertising spend in 2015. In 2014, $10.06 billion dollars were spent programmatically and it is projected by eMarketer to double by 2016. According to CMO, 60% of brands’ online video spend…

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  • SEER PSA: Check Your GDN Magazine Ads

    … Though it may seem like forever ago in paid-search land, back in May Google changed all text ads on the display network to ‘magazine display ads’. Three months later, you are probably asking- why should I care? What do they look like again? Here is what Google sent out as an example of the new display ads when they were first announced in May…

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  • Three Tales of PPC Geotargeting Successes

    … With the roll out of bid modifiers by geo, tailoring your PPC strategy to specific geographies has never been easier. We here at SEER have been playing around with a few different ways to think about and test geo strategy. (Please read the following in your best Ira Glass.) Today on our program, three mini case-studies on PPC geotargeting…

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