• YouTube Advertising: Do Partner Revenue Terms Need to Be Clearer?

    … always paused on click. When you click on the video, it pauses. It’s sort of ingrained in my personal habit to open a video and click, mostly because I used to open dozens of interesting videos and pause them all while they all buffered. Despite the fact that clicking pre-roll used to take you to the advertised site and buffering videos no longer…

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  • The History of Video Marketing on YouTube

    … Video Marketing is a part of our everyday life, whether we are creators, brands, or consumers. But the roots of the industry stretch way back, further back than many may realize, with the many developments and innovations in the field defining the discipline as we know it today. This post will focus on the history of video marketing on - where…

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  • Video Wars: YouTube Versus the Rest of the World

    … media had no video provider options. They all relied on YouTube embed codes, driving YouTube's distribution and dominance. As the age old saying goes... times have changed. These major web portals, traditional media/news websites, and newer platforms like Facebook want to control and monetize their own environments. The days of YouTube embeds…

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