• Publishers are seeing another big decline in reach on Facebook

      The Facebook anguish continues. A Medium post investigating declining Facebook reach has set off the most recent alarm bells among publishers. Kurt Gessler, deputy editor for digital news at the Chicago Tribune, posted that since January, the Tribune has seen a significant drop in the reach of its posts on Facebook, despite having grown its fan base.

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    • The Guardian pulls out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News

      Publishers aren’t happy with the deal platforms are cutting them. Now, the Guardian has dropped both Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Article format and removed its content from Apple News. The publisher had gone all-in on Instant Articles, running every single Guardian article via the format for the last year. It was one of first U.K.

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    • The Washington Post cuts off ad tech vendors slowing its site

      It’s hard for publishers to say no to vendors that advertisers want to work with. But in its effort to speed up advertising, The Washington Post has had to rethink its use of vendors. As the Post has built on its own proprietary ad products, it has cut out several of the ad servers, ad builders, native-ad and video vendors it used to work with.

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  • How Time Inc. can survive as an independent company

    It’s back to square one for Time Inc. Now that the publishing company has decided to not go ahead with a sale, ending end a prolonged process, it has to face an uncertain future as an independent media company. With almost all digital advertising revenue going to two companies, Facebook and Google and the print magazine business declining, the outlook is bleak for a publishing ...

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  • You’re Going to Have to Get Good at Video

    … Not Really About the Gear But you’re worried. What does it take? Let’s start with what you don’t need: You don’t need an expensive camera. Your smartphone is a good start. Or your laptop lid. (To START.) You don’t need fancy editing software. You can start with iMovie on a Mac or Windows Media Maker on PC. You don’t need expensive lighting to start…

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  • The New York Times will bring a brand-safety message to the NewFronts

    … dollars. Still, it’s a message they’ll likely hear a lot throughout the NewFronts. The NewFronts has lost some of its sizzle, and a slew of media companies have pulled out of or scaled back from the event. The Times isn’t one of them, but it’s showing its maturity in other ways. The NewFronts launched in 2012 as an industry-wide extravaganza…

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  • Why BuzzFeed’s Proper Tasty is taking on a global flavor

    … BuzzFeed’s Proper Tasty Facebook channel has shifted its editorial focus from food tailored to Western palates to more global recipes. The U.K. team of four people produces between six and 10 videos a week. Previously, these videos featured a lot of gin and tonics, afternoon tea and more Western-influenced food like pizza and Victoria sponge cake…

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  • How Investor’s Business Daily uses reader data to build mobile products

    … Reader revenue has become the hot topic for many publishers as digital ad revenue is harder to come by. Investor’s Business Daily is mining data from its logged-in readers to develop high-priced products for them. While IBD routinely ran focus groups and surveyed its subscriber base to figure out how to serve its audience, it realized it could…

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  • Josh Topolsky says The Outline ads’ clickthrough rate is 25 times the industry average

    … Josh Topolsky launched The Outline as an answer to the media’s desperate pursuit of scale, predicated on an outdated business model. Five months in, he said the popularity of its long articles shows that people care about long, quality storytelling, the popularity of Facebook and Snapchat notwithstanding. “I think this industry has grossly…

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  • Inside Netflix’s new partnership with Baidu-owned iQiYi

    Netflix had been exploring the possibility of entering the Chinese market for years, and it finally made it happen on Tuesday through an original content licensing deal with iQiYi, a Baidu-owned Chinese online streaming service that has over 20 million paid subscribers. While Netflix declined to give out much detail, the deal will help Netflix reach China’s 731 million interne ...

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  • Investopedia now wants to ‘match’ financial advisers with readers

    … Far from just a how-to guide to financial and investing terms, Investopedia has evolved into a media brand in its own right. With coverage ranging from bigger economic stories, advice on investments and budgeting, and entertainment with a finance lens (“Investopedia’s Guide to Watching Billions“), its reach is growing. Now, the publisher…

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  • Thought Catalog’s sticky ads increased viewability by 25 percent

    … With ad buyers pushing to ensure digital ads are viewed by humans, publishers have had to adapt. To increase its viewability scores, Thought Catalog last month stuck ad units on its homepage that stick to the side of the browser window as the user scrolls. Static display ads on the home page had been about 70 percent viewable. With the sticky ads…

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  • ‘If ESPN can’t make it, who can?’: What ESPN’s struggles mean for other media

    … in digital. “SportsCenter,” its flagship show, has been been producing more digital-only content and is one of the top video accounts on Instagram. The network has also redesigned its app to incentivize more people to spend time on mobile devices. But ESPN’s struggles point to a reality that the rest of the media business — and especially other TV…

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  • Transparency is the new black: Takeaways from Digiday’s Programmatic Summit

    … Programmatic advertising, despite a drum beat of bad news around misplaced ads and fraud, continues to grow and play a larger role in the ad strategies of marketers and publishers. At the Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe in Wicklow, Ireland, this week, over 100 media and marketing executives gathered to share ideas and untangle some…

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  • Brands can avoid one big mistake newspapers are making

    … damaging your credibility. People will respect you less. They will trust you less. They’re also jarring to the reader, who will focus on the silly mistake and might miss the important message you’re trying to share. Always use a proofreader This is not just true for newspapers and media organisations. It’s true for your business, too. Whether…

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  • OH at Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe: ‘The trust feels very broken’

    … they have on the ad server. With the decline of direct inventory, everybody is using Google Ad Exchange. Header bidding is the right first step. It democratizes inventory. There are question marks around the ad server.” “We’re exposed as publishers. DFP is a black box.” “I see direct investment as a declining form of media spend. IOs, the world…

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  • In the shadow of the duopoly, media rivals are becoming allies

    … If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. As digital media sellers compete for ad dollars in a fragmented world, they’re betting it’s better to work together than to individually lose out on ad dollars entirely. Take the ad sales partnership announced by Condé Nast, Vox Media and NBCUniversal last month. Under the deal, Condé Nast’s titles, which include…

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