• Publishers eye LinkedIn as Facebook’s reliability falters

      Publishers who are looking to reduce reliance on Facebook since the social network announced plans to deprioritize news are giving LinkedIn a fresh look. LinkedIn is best known as a social network for business professionals, but even publishers beyond the business space are eyeing the platform to see where they can capitalize on it.

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    • NBCUniversal and BuzzFeed are teaming up for a new parenting channel called Playfull

      NBCUniversal and BuzzFeed are creating a new millennial parenting channel together called Playfull, hoping to replicate BuzzFeed’s success with verticals like Tasty and Nifty. Playfull launches today on Facebook and is the first publishing brand that will be co-owned by the longtime partners. NBCUniversal has invested $400 million in BuzzFeed since 2015 and has embedded the di ...

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  • The Rundown: Google distances itself from ‘platforms’

    … indexing the world’s information. Both make their money from advertising. But the subtext is that Facebook is taking a beating from just about everyone right now, and Google wants to be seen as one of the good guys. Just don’t call it a media company. — Lucia Moses This article is behind the Digiday+ paywall. The post The Rundown: Google distances itself from ‘platforms’ appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • Declining Facebook reach squeezes publishers’ branded-content business

    … The decline of organic reach on Facebook is affecting publishers’ branded-content studios, too. Over the past six months, the amount of money publishers spent to distribute branded content on Facebook has risen dramatically, according to Keywee, a content marketing tool. In the fourth quarter of 2017, spending on branded-content distribution…

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  • How European publishers are diversifying from overreliance on ad revenue

    … Publishers at the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in Monaco this week had one issue top of mind: diversifying revenue to avoid being captive to the vicissitudes of the fickle ad market. Among the core issues discussed by the nearly 240 publisher attendees was the hunt for more direct revenue from audiences. Key growth areas that repeatedly…

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  • Snapchat is enlisting more publishers to make video shows

    … Media and Condé Nast each have at least one show that Snapchat recently ordered, according to sources. Last week, Uproxx announced a new Snapchat show it’s co-producing with entertainment studio STXdigital called “Brawler,” which will premiere on March 16. Other shows have come out in the past year from publishers, including Barstool Sports…

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  • ‘Twitter is having a comeback’: What’s on the minds of European publishers

    For the more than 200 publishers attending Digiday’s Publishing Summit in Monte Carlo this week, the main issues that were front of mind were plain: how to diversify platform distribution in the wake of Facebook’s news-feed changes, what more can be done to fight ad fraud, and how the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation will affect business.

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  • How Vice localizes branded content across Europe

    In Europe, Vice Media is working out how to balance having a unified strategy around branded content while adapting to specific countries. Publishers who underestimate a region’s cultural differences strike an awkward tone. Vice is moving away from simple translation, according to Nina Kennedy, head of media for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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  • Publishers warm to Google, but still worry about getting crowded out in search results

    Google has done several things to make publishers smile lately: From its work on fast-loading mobile pages to ending first-click-free to promoting subscription sales, Google has positioned itself favorably with publishers, especially as Facebook’s relationship with publishers has become increasingly strained. But it’s not all rainbows when it comes to publishers’s Google relationship.

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  • Publishers warily embrace Amazon program to run their content on

    After months of asking to get their content into Amazon, publishers finally got their wish. For the past several months, Amazon has been running a test with a small group of publishers where versions of publishers’ commerce-focused articles are accessible directly inside Amazon’s website. The articles can be found through Google search or through searches for specific keywords ...

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  • Google turns on the charm with publishers by focusing on subscriptions

    … and The Washington Post. Google also has a clear interest in cementing its reputation as more of a friend than foe to publishers, in comparison to current media punching bag Facebook. There was a time when publishers chiefly groused about Google’s dominance, but nowadays, publishing execs are more likely to see Google as at least a benevolent ruler…

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  • The pivot to paid news, in 5 charts

    … of digital news subscriptions in 2017 was nearly twice that, at $2.31. Source: American Press Institute … but more than many people are willing to spend People who pay for news think differently from those who don’t. Research published last spring by the Media Insight Project found that nearly half — 49 percent — of survey respondents said they’d…

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  • ‘We’re wondering what’s next’: European publishers’ candid thoughts

    … Top European publishers gathered in Monaco this week at the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe to discuss the latest trends in publishing. More than 240 media executives addressed common challenges ranging from adapting to Facebook’s latest algorithm changes, tackling ad fraud and whether they can trust Amazon as it moves further into media. Here…

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  • Barstool Sports got 41,000 people to pay for its latest amateur boxing PPV

    … Barstool Sports’ decision to buy an amateur boxing competition continues to pay off. On Friday, Feb. 16, Barstool Sports hosted its third amateur-boxing pay-per-view event — and the second one since it acquired the West Virginia-based Rough N Rowdy Brawl last November. The five-hour live tournament, which featured just under 50 prize fights…

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  • Video Briefing: Amazon will soon distribute ad-supported streaming channels

    … products. Soon, Amazon wants to open up advertising as another form of revenue for media partners that have ad-supported streaming apps. Speaking at Digiday’s Future of TV Hot Topic last week, Rich Au, head of Amazon Channels in the U.S., said Amazon will start offering ad-supported streaming channels later this year. While he did not provide…

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  • Digiday Research: HBO Now tops TV Networks with OTT services

    … At the Digiday Hot Topic UK: Future of TV event last week in New York City, we sat down with over 60 media, television, and advertising executives from major companies to better understand the over-the-top TV landscape. Check out our earlier research on Facebook Watch’s potential to overcome YouTube here. Learn more about our upcoming events here…

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