• Hearst Magazines UK CEO James Wildman: ‘The media world is turning into a messy place’

      Hearst Magazines U.K. CEO James Wildman, who took up the post this April from Trinity Mirror, has a familiar mandate for magazine publisher: drive digital revenue growth to offset losses in print and find new revenue streams. “The midterm objective is to reach the inflection point quickly. Our growth in new revenue will have to more than offset the decline in old revenue,” he said.

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    • The pivot to reality for digital media

      Forget the pivot to video; the pivot to reality is in full swing in digital media. The culprits are well-known. Google and Facebook have an iron grip on digital ad revenue. Publishers are trying to save themselves by making wholesale shifts in their business models, but they can’t transition fast enough.

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    • Barstool Sports did 35,000 orders over the weekend

      Barstool Sports has a loyal audience that has been willing to pay the publisher for everything from merchandise to pay-per-view boxing tournaments. Every year, the company’s Black Friday sale is its biggest merch moneymaker — and this year was no different. Starting Friday, Nov. 24 and running through the weekend, Barstool Sports held a 20 percent-off sale on its merchandise, ...

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  • The state of voice assistants in 4 charts

    … Brands and publishers are navigating how they come across in audio. The mounting interest in voice assistants and voice-activated platforms is leading to new ways of working, and in theory, additional channels to drive revenue. Here are four charts on the state of voice. Amazon Echo challengers are coming Amazon has flooded the market thanks…

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  • 10 months in: How youth-focused video publisher Kyra TV hit seven-figure revenue

    … minutes long, receives millions of views and actually drives results for an advertiser is virtually unheard of,” said Karaca. As digital media companies face reality, their previous braying about super high video views on social platforms has quieted. Kyra TV is making an effort to be critical of its own metrics, scrutinizing watch time and view…

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  • Microsoft is putting Reddit comments in Bing search results

    … Reddit announced a partnership with Microsoft on two separate product integrations that will see more Reddit content in the search engine’s results. The Bing integration will focus on efficiently surfacing service-y content like Reddit users’ answers to questions, as well as celebrity content from its Ask Me Anything series. For example…

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  • Facebook plans to stop paying publishers to make news feed videos

    … Multiple publisher sources said Facebook no longer plans to pay publishers and other video makers to produce videos for the news feed. Three publishing sources whose companies were paid by Facebook said the platform plans to end the program that paid publishers and other video makers money every month to make on-demand and live videos…

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  • ‘More isn’t always better’: Publishers cut their SSPs by 20 percent this year

    … manageable and reduce their exposure to arbitrage. With the culling of supply-side platforms happening across the industry, there are many anecdotal examples of publishers getting more diligent about whom they allow to represent their inventory. Vox Media told Digiday it used to sell inventory through 12 vendors, but now it uses eight. Observer…

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  • Sports publisher GiveMeSport is growing revenue by cutting ads

    … Sports publisher GiveMeSport has spent the last year culling underperforming ads from its site. The digital native sports publisher has cut all six ads from its homepage, four ads from each article page, and all ads from its vertical pages, which include football, boxing, cricket and tennis. Its NBA vertical still features ads from the league…

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  • British GQ and Universal Music test shareable podcast formats

    … Universal Music and Condé Nast men’s magazine British GQ are testing podcast formats that can be broken down into chunks for sharing and include images and graphics to accompany each chapter, rather than full 30-minute or hourlong shows. The idea is for people to be able to listen to bite-size chapters of audio if they don’t have time to listen…

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  • How the BBC is using voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home

    … Next year, the BBC will pair editorial staffers with its software engineers to figure out what content experience people want from voice-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home in order to inform new interactive editorial formats that are technically feasible. “We will do some experiments together,” said Mukul Devichand, editorial…

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  • The Washington Post is focused on selling branded content internationally

    … The Washington Post has taken more of a slow and steady approach to international expansion compared to some pure-play digital publishers, whose global growth ambitions seem to be tempered. For the next year, the publisher will focus on growing its branded-content capabilities internationally after hiring its first head of marketing for Europe…

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  • TV networks are buying original digital series for their apps

    … for most digital studios and publishers to get onto CBS All-Access. Other niche subscription streaming channels are willing to commission original content, though. AMC’s Sundance Now, for instance, will premiere “This Close,” an original series produced by Turner-owned digital media company Super Deluxe, next February. Some TV networks, meanwhile…

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