Media Relations

    • Making PR More Measurable

      Along with most marketing practices today, public relations has progressed to meet a wide range of new and emerging client needs. Public relations not only offers media relations and thought leadership but can strategically be used to develop content to feed direct marketing, sales outreach, SEO and social media.

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  • PR is Dead : Long Live PR…As Thought Leadership

    … of public relations, measurement can take form in several ways, beginning with thought leadership. Thought leadership is not about being known; it’s about being known for something. It’s not about brand awareness – but the place you occupy in your target customers’ minds. Here are four ways PR can build thought leadership, through smart integration…

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  • Essential Search and Social Media Promotion Tips for News Content

    … to increase opens, which is great. You can also use tools like, Moz Keyword Explorer or if you have a Google AdWords account, their Keyword Planner. (we’ve covered press release optimization extensively here in the past in case you want to venture that way) Serena brought up that since journalists are increasingly judged…

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  • The Secret Tactics of Writing Great Outreach Letters

    … Earned Media, Media Relations If you’re a blogger or marketing specialist, you’re sending dozens of outreach emails every single week. Sometimes you’ll invite influencers to take part in an interview, but mostly you’ll be pitching guest post ideas. If you don’t write these outreach letters well, the result is silence. You continue sending…

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  • Five Easy Ways to Make Holiday News

    … Looking for new and innovative ways to remind prospective and current customers about your products and services? Nothing beats a little local or online PR for generating leads and business. Increasing media visibility during the critical holiday shopping season can help your local business get its fair share of holiday-related revenues…

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  • Influencer Relations: Steps to Building Media Relationships

    … As the landscape of public relations evolves, it’s important to not avoid but rather adapt and incorporate the newest practices into your PR strategies. Any PR pro knows the impact an “influencer” in a particular industry can have on a brand’s product or service. Influencers have established themselves as an authority in their field and have…

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  • 4 Key Pillars of Messaging to Secure Earned Media

    … This article is dedicated to the editors, reporters and producers who receive tons of crap emails every single day and meant for anyone who are trying to connect with these people on a regular basis. Pitching stories was easier back in the day. There were so many reporters at equally well-funded media outlets like Business 2.0 and The Industry…

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