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  • Google Watch Times Algorithm For Rankings?

    Google was granted a patent this week that about how Google may rank some search results. The patent appears to be aimed at video content, but it tells us that it might be applied to how long someone might watch a page, after they’ve been delivered to the page, even if that page doesn’t contain video.

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  • Google Media Consumption History Patent Filed

    …, the system can determine that the user viewed the movie “The Social Network” featuring “Justin Timberlake” on a particular date and at a particular location. The system can store the information at the media consumption history that identifies the particular date and the particular location where the user viewed the movie “The Social Network,” and can…

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  • Google on Creating a Relevant Second Screen for TV

    … version of the patent filed are: Finding web pages relevant to multimedia streams Invented by Monika H. Henzinger, Bay-Wei Chang, and Sergey Brin Assigned to Google Inc. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University United States Patent 8,868,543 Granted October 21, 2014 Filed: April 8, 2003 Abstract A media stream…

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