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  • This Is What Happens When Context Is Lost.

    … it? Well, let’s pull back and consider how these two tech giants execute their core business model, which of course is advertising. You might want to pour yourself an adult beverage and settle in, because by the end of this, the odds of you wanting the cold comfort of a bourbon on ice are pretty high. In the beginning (OK, let’s just say before the year…

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  • The Data Deal Is Opaque. We Should Fix It.

    …: So as to be clear, what’s going on here is this: AccuWeather was sharing its users’ anonymized data with a third-party company for profit, even after those same users seemingly opted out of location-based data collection. But the actual story is more complicated. Because….come on. Is anyone really still under the impression that your data isn’t…

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  • My New Column – Please Sign Up!

    … for the NewCo Daily newsletter right here. Here are my columns so far: Is Social Media The New Tobacco? Dow 36,000? Bears and Dragons Bite Tech Where It Hurts Memo to Tech’s Titans: Please Remember What It Was Like to Be Small Don’t Quite Grok Blockchain? We Got You Covered. This Is How Walmart Will Defend Itself Against Amazon Facebook’s…

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  • Uber Does Not Equal The Valley

    … — the hot takes from many media outlets are starting to get lazy. Here’s why. Uber does not reflect the entirety of the Valley, particularly when it comes to how companies are run. As I wrote in The Myth of the Valley Douchebag, there are far more companies here run by decent, earnest, well meaning people than there are Ubers. But of course, the Ubers get…

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  • The Internet Big Five Is Now The World’s Big Five

    … Back in December of 2011, I wrote a piece I called “The Internet Big Five,” in which I noted what seemed a significant trend: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook were becoming the most important companies not only in the technology world, but in the world at large. At that point, Facebook had not yet gone public, but I thought it would…

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  • It’s Time For Facebook to Start Making Media

    … to decide). It’s been watched nearly 70 million times on Facebook. In one day. Did you read that right? Yep. 70 million times. In one day. The video is two minutes long. Scores of “traditional” media outlets have somehow gotten access to the video, chroming it up with their own logos, music, and advertising. But the thing went viral on Facebook…

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  • Where I’ll Be For NewCo Boston April 26-7 – Come Join Me!

    … The first ever NewCo Boston goes off in less than two weeks, and I’ve been studying the schedule and making my picks for the companies I most want to visit. The lineup is insanely great – Boston is brimming with innovative NewCos, all of which will open their doors on April 27th. Thanks to our partners at MassTLC – you guys really know how to do…

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  • Metaservices FTW!

    … Way back when — well, a few years back anyway— I wrote a series of posts around the idea of “metaservices.” As I mused, I engaged in a bit of derision around the current state (at that point) of the mobile ecosystem, calling it “chiclet-ized” — silos of useful data without a true Internet between them. You know, like individually wrapped cubes…

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  • Mobile Gets a Back Button

    …. The tweet happened to be from a person I know, so I clicked on it, and the Twitter app opened on my phone. I read the tweet, then pressed the back button and…. Wait, the WHAT? The back button? But…back buttons only exist in a Browser, on the PC Web, right? Yes, that used to be true, but finally, after years of chicletized, silo’d apps that refuse…

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