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  • Media Training 101: how to survive a tough interview

    … extraordinary behaviour. Instead I want to share with you a few simple media training techniques that will prevent you going into meltdown (or head-nodding central) if you’re ever faced with a difficult press interview. Remember, not all media interviews are hostile In the media we love a bit of a ding-dong! We know it makes for a riveting audience…

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  • How to appear comfortable on camera or in an interview

    … the desk. If you feel you need to be tense somewhere, don’t let it be in your face or your body language. It’s that old swan analogy: Graceful on the top and paddling like crazy beneath the water (where no one can see). I was filming with an ex-broadcaster recently who admitted her heart was beating like the clappers during filming, but she chose…

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  • Presentations: What we want, versus what we get

    … I get to see a lot of people present. I get to see a lot of people present badly. And my guess is that you do too! Last week I finished a series of presentation training sessions with a large organisation here in Western Australia. They were big group sessions so we weren’t able to carry out as much practical work as usual, but we were able…

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  • How Does the World See You and Your Business?

    … I’m curious. Do you know how people perceive you? Maybe the four years of psychology I did before working in the media has turned me in to an over-thinker. Or is it a fact that I’ve now moved in to the “wisdom” stage of life? (Some of my friends may well doubt that theory.) The thing is, I’ve become fascinated by the way we come across to others…

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