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  • Presentations: What we want, versus what we get

    … I get to see a lot of people present. I get to see a lot of people present badly. And my guess is that you do too! Last week I finished a series of presentation training sessions with a large organisation here in Western Australia. They were big group sessions so we weren’t able to carry out as much practical work as usual, but we were able…

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  • How Does the World See You and Your Business?

    …. I’m currently in a leadership course, which is rather revealing and a little bit confronting. It’s digging deep and I’m discovering quite a lot about myself. Strengths, weaknesses – yep, expected those. But what about this question, ‘How do others see you or what can others rely on you for’? You think you know. By my stage in life you think you…

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  • Do You Need Media Training? Yes. Here’s 11 Guidelines.

    It’s getting crazy out there. Our world is so connected that a person’s words, voice and video can travel worldwide in a matter of seconds. Sometimes for good, sometimes with dire consequences. We seem to go from one unfortunate incident in the public arena to another these days. Each crazier than the one before and all amplified by social media conversation and sharing.

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