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  • Axel Springer’s muscular approach to platforms

    … This week, we’re launching the Digiday+ Slack channel. We’ll kick it off on Thursday at 1 p.m. ET with a chat I’ll lead with Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash (formerly Neil will discuss the decision to mothball the Internet 1.0 brand, the shift to verticals in digital media and probably some Philadelphia sports. Please join us, and stop…

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  • The state of voice in five charts

    … While it remains a specialized technology, voice is booming. EMarketer released its first forecasts for the voice assistant market, and it’s grown faster than many analysts expected after Amazon introduced the Echo to a wide audience in 2015. Here’s what’s happening in voice, in five charts. Amazon dominates, and cheaper devices are a major…

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  • Confessions of a beauty editor: ‘You’re expected to be your own personal brand’

    … Beauty content is not what it used to be. While it has always catered, on some level, to advertisers, it’s now bent on traffic numbers, too — meaning that the minutiae of the Kardashian clan’s makeup routine often takes precedence above all else. An onslaught of technological and scientific advances has also made the space less simplistic…

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  • Now profitable, Patch wants to be a platform for other local news outlets

    … Patch used to be a cautionary tale of the perils of solving the thorny problem of doing local news in digital media. But AOL’s onetime struggling experiment in hyperlocal news has returned to its feet after the portal sold it in 2014. Now profitable, it wants to help other local news outlets fight for survival. First, the background: At its…

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  • How Vice plans to prove to advertisers its branded content works

    … Vice Media is the media empire largely built off being an ad agency. For years, the Brooklyn media company has worked closely with brands to make them cool, or at least make their brands part of cool content. Now, Vice wants to prove to advertisers that this kind of branded content is effective while giving them a better understanding…

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  • Spiegel Online has a 10-person Snapchat Discover team

    …, Germany’s equivalent to comScore), it struggles to reach the young audience that are Snapchat’s core users. “Our reach of the 14- to 18-year-old audience is poor, so this is really a chance to translate the kind of content we do in a more visual way and reach a completely new audience,” said Torsten Beeck, head of social media at Spiegel Online…

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  • Why Cheddar is making classes for Strayer University

    … branded educational content, but there are also fewer opportunities for them. “Financial marketers and brands would prefer to highlight their own first-party content and education rather than sponsoring others,” said Jon Dean, executive vp of media at Fusion92, a marketing agency that works with finance-focused clients. “But from an advertising perspective, contextual relevance remains paramount for financial brands.” The post Why Cheddar is making classes for Strayer University appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • Dear Facebook…Please Give Me Agency Over The Feed

    … (cross posted from NewCo Shift) Like you, I am on Facebook. In two ways, actually. There’s this public page, which Facebook gives to people who are “public figures.” My story of becoming a Facebook public figure is tortured (years ago, I went Facebook bankrupt after reaching my “friend” limit), but the end result is a place that feels a bit like…

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  • Libération launches fact-checking search engine ahead of France’s election Sunday

    … — that has an impact on social media.” Seventy percent of the traffic to CheckNews has come from social platforms, according to the publisher. Libération is part of the Facebook and Google initiative in which media companies verify content on the platforms. The publication is also developing a database of its own archived content, tagging articles…

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  • Best of the week: Publishers try to counter the duopoly’s dominance

    Our top stories this week delved into the ongoing battle between the duopoly and publishers, the memes in marketing and more. As always, a full list of the top stories appears at the bottom. Publishers try to counter the platforms Reports released this week from GroupM and Zenith examined the global state of digital media advertising, and unsurprisingly, Facebook and Google lead the pack.

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  • NBC Sports recruits BuzzFeed for the Kentucky Derby

    … After a successful trip to the Rio Olympics, NBC is taking BuzzFeed to the Kentucky Derby. The NBC Sports Group, which has broadcasting rights to the Derby and the rest of horse-racing’s Triple Crown, has recruited BuzzFeed to produce social content leading up to and during the Kentucky Derby. Six BuzzFeed writers and video producers will go…

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  • With its redesign, Vice doubled the time people see ads on its site

    … chief media officer. “But since we started to unify the sites, we’ve seen sharp increases.” Vice removed intrusive ad units like overlays, 1600×250 desktop display ads and 320×50 “mobile leaderboard” banner ads, said John Koenigsberg, the company’s vp of media. Vice said on average, its users spend 2.6 minutes on its websites per visit…

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  • Axel Springer pushes for transparency in its programmatic advertising

    … Big publishers are taking control of their relationship with platform giants Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, said Carsten Schwecke, chief digital officer of Axel Springer’s sales house, Media Impact. “That fear which used to exist, and where you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, is no longer driving the market,” said Schwecke…

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  • The Financial Times toughens its stance against ad blockers

    … After running ad-blocking experiments last July to a select group, the Financial Times has blocked content for all registered users with ad blockers installed. As of this week, registered users — those who have provided their email address in exchange for a number of free articles a month, but haven’t shared any payment details — are hit…

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