• Time Inc. chases video dollars with new brand, Coinage

    … Time Inc. is chasing video dollars with a new, video-only brand called Coinage that’s devoted to money and personal finance. The short-form videos deal with the topic in a lighthearted way; the tagline is “Life, well spent,” and among the first offerings include a video that breaks down the tax consequences for Super Bowl athletes and an explainer…

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  • Why Comedy Central Is Replacing Commercials With Branded Content

    Your eyes are glued to the screen as you watch your favorite TV show. The writers are about to reveal a huge secret about your favorite character. Then, just as you’re about to find out the details, commercials come on. You immediately mute the screen and start scrolling through Instagram. Even photos of your friend’s latte are more interesting than a 30-second spot for wrinkle cream.

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  • Infographic: The Top Salaries in Content Marketing

    … hybrid skill sets. Content marketers now need to be part technician and part artist, with experience in everything from SEO and HTML to thought leadership and brand development. Once companies find these so-called content marketing unicorns, they’ll do anything they can to hire and retain them. And that means offering competitive salaries…

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  • Dennis is trying to use blockchain to improve programmatic transparency

    …-Google duopoly, which collectively eats up 20 percent of global media ad spend, is funding this kind of project may seem somewhat ironic. But Google has granted funds for projects pitched by news publishers across Europe via its DNI for the past two years. Last year, Google DNI pumped €24 million ($27 million) into 124 of these projects across 25…

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  • How Amazon could become an entertainment powerhouse

    … The list of industries trembling at the thought of Amazon turning its sights on them is not short. One juicy target: Hollywood. Amazon already has a foothold in entertainment. After all, Amazon Prime Video already reaches roughly 18 percent of U.S. households. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is poised to spend $4.5 billion on video content in 2017…

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  • Playing catch-up, Conde Nast navigates a tricky digital evolution

    …. For the most part, Condé titles treated their sites as promotional vehicles for driving print subscriptions. It continued this approach even as other magazine companies like Hearst and Time Inc. were beefing up their digital capabilities and talking ambitiously about going toe-to-toe with digital natives like BuzzFeed and Vox Media. The lack…

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  • Why Donald Trump’s face keeps showing up on content ads

    … major publisher sites run content-recommendation ad units like Outbrain’s. Outbrain serves as many as 250 billion content recommendations a month, so it’s hard to police them all. A report by found 26 percent of the links in content ads were clickbait, most of it directing to sites that were anonymous. Content-ad companies…

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  • Opinion: Everything is about to change, or the horizontilization of media

    … Tom Goodwin is evp, head of innovation at Zenith, a part of Publicis Media. In a week where Facebook bowed its TV app with Samsung as a launch partner and Google launched a YouTube TV channel, we have to ask what this means for TV and then every other channel. We’ve always split vertically, from newspapers to outdoor, TV to cinema and from…

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  • Something old, something new: Inside NBCUniversal and BuzzFeed’s union

    … When Linda Yaccarino took the stage at Radio City Music Hall at the upfronts in mid-May, she was ready to pitch thousands of advertisers on why NBCUniversal would make the perfect media partner. As NBCU’s chairman of ad sales and client partnerships, Yaccarino oversaw $10.4 billion in ad revenue in 2016 — and a lot of that spend was decided when…

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  • The Wall Street Journal to close Google loophole entirely

    … underway since last summer, when the Journal started to tighten up its paywall, tweak its subscriber messaging and allow people to share links on social media. “We had a paywall that’s 20 years old and hadn’t really been changed,” Watford said. “We asked, how can we optimize it for subscription sales but continue to work for advertisers…

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  • Inside Forbes’ lean approach to creating stories for social media

    … With social platforms sending only a piddling amount of revenue back to publishers, some media companies are rethinking the idea of hiring costly platform-specific editorial staffs. The days of those 10-person Snapchat teams may be numbered. Take Forbes Media. As an independent publisher, it doesn’t have other properties to share costs…

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  • The New York Times’ international ambitions hinge on programmatic advertising

    … the most growth: London and Singapore. The publisher is pitching its international programmatic proposition, including video and data opportunities, to European advertisers this week at two private client events located at Google’s offices in both Paris and London. The goal: to foster closer relationships with U.K. and pan-Europe agencies…

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  • 3 Ways Google Can Have More Credible Search Rankings

    … quickly communicate if an article comes from the government, a nonprofit, an educational website, a media publication, or a business site. After the 2016 presidential election, Facebook took heat for being another platform propagating bad information. In response, it has since taken steps to curb the spread of false information, including making…

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  • The Washington Post rolls out new customizable content ad unit

    … to native advertising can, and in many instances has, diluted authenticity and engagement.” Post Cards could give marketers a broader palette for their message, said Kevin Wassong, former CEO of digital at JWT and CEO of One Mobile, a mobile tech, services and marketing unit at Media General. “It’s great that we have all this data and insights…

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  • 6 reasons why Snapchat Discover has so much viral sameness

    … Snapchat Discover was pitched as a highly curated collection of media, an antidote to the anything-goes-approach of an open platform like Facebook that ends up devolving into a viral sameness as publishers chase clicks. Surprise, Snapchat Discover has slowly been infected by the same viral-sameness bug. Take, for instance, the Discover…

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